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On December 6, Tiger Northeast and the Tianhuling Bureau of the Leopard National Park Administration released an important news story: The Tianqiaoling Forest Office caught the Amur Tiger's video in the infrared remote camera of the new forest farm.According to Feng Limin, Tiger Leopard Monitor and Research Center North East Tiger Leopard, Amur Tiger, a wildlife farmer who was photographed on a newly opened farm on December 10, 2015, is a single individual, with a distance of 14 km.

On October 19, the new forest firefighter Tianqiaoling Forest Bureau members Wang Junbo and Moribao partner Deng Yuzhong found two forests to capture the infrared camera on a 40-mile forest chamber in the forest farmhouse. The Northeast Tiger video is a video display time at 17:22 October 9, 2018. Amur Tiger's video is once again trapped in the same wildlife, on December 10, 2015, the first image of the wild tiger Amur was inaugurated in the new forest.

On October 21, the wild Amur tiger retranslated the 2-inch infrared 28 km from Linban No. 2. The shooting was at 7:40 p.m., October 9, 2018. In the video, the Siberian tiger looks like a torch and looks like a lantern.

After finding the video Amur tiger wild, Tiger Northeast Turtle and the Leopard National Park Administration Tianhuling Bureau sent the National Tiger and Leopard Monitoring and Research Center to the National Forest and Grassland Bureau, and protected wild animals such as wild Amur tiger . "People do not hurt to double the double row of the tiger, the tiger does not hurt".

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According to data from the Tiger and Leopard Northeast Tiger Network, the Tiger and the Leopard National Surveillance and Research Center reported that data from the National Forest and Bovine Office and Jilin Tianqiaoling Forest Management recently saw the Northeast Tiger video as a forest in Tianqiaoling. Siberian male tiger liquids This siberian tiger has left the birthplace of Russia in 2015 and reached China in Tianqiaoling, where more than 100 kilometers of Sino-Russian border area is located and it is located around the Sino-Russian people. Feng Limin, Deputy Director of the Tiger Northeast Tiger and Leopard Monitoring and Research Center, in the Forest and Prairie National Bureau, has said in recent years that the pilot reform of the Tiger Northeast and the Leopard National Park has steadily increased. North American tiger northeastern tiger settlers have increased and the population has shown a tendency towards China.

Tianqiaoling Bureau Tiger Northeast and Leopard National Park Administration, from 2015 to present, the Tianqiaoling Forestry Office has controlled 21 times the wild Amur tiger information. Wild Siberian tigers often appear in the jurisdiction of the Tianqiaoling Forest Office, directly related to the improvement of the environmental ecological environment of the forest environment and the growth of wild animals. Since the Tianbao project was launched, mainly since the commercialization of natural forests has been commercially stopped, the Tianqiaoling forest area has been rehabilitated and forest resources have been effectively recovered.

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The Tianqiaoling Forest Bureau is a Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park, with 184,551.18 hectares. Located in the south of the Laoyelle branch of the Changbai Mountains, Hunchun and the Wangqing Reserve are a liquid settlement of the Northeast Tigre. A Jilin Russian tiger is also an ecological corridor crossing between the junction between Jilin and the Heilongjiang and Changbai Mountains. It is essential for integration and optimization of the Tiger northeast of China's Changbai Mountain. The farm is newly opened in the Alpine region. Amur Tiger's video clip is a 550-meter forest. Coniferous and broad-leaved forest with multiple biological species, because they are very carnivorous.

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