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Reversing ten key words in 2018 Shares, hundreds of millions of investors have lived together

Original title: Looking for ten key words in 2018. Shares, hundreds of millions of investors have lived together

Zhongxin Jingwei customer on December 30, 2018 is almost over, investors are losing out. This year, following the A-share "capital" and "wealth", the Huluntong and Kechuang boards were much faster than expected; The capitalist market oversight made efforts, and the "survival" was not long-lived creatures … Towards 2018 The ten words of the night left the mark of grandeur.

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A Keyword

Company Purchase

Since 2018, the listed companies have established a re-buy boom. Li Chao, vice president of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, filed its bid on December 25, with 365 companies sharing the company's share and purchasing transactions amounting to 48,800 billion yuan. In total, the average purchase transaction of 540 million yuan per day was 533 million yuan. It's 4 times before the countdown.

Policies that were accepted at national level at the time of repurchase. On October 26, the Permanent Commission of the National People's Personnel held a special review to make the purchase of a "Law of Companies". Systems supporting market stabilization expect greater autonomy to promote and improve corporate governance and promote a stable and healthy development of the capital market.

Keyword two

Settlement of funds

In 2018, the tide of liquidation of the public funds was rare in recent years. Wind statistics show that combined statistical statistics of funds show that, since 19 December, liquidation funds have been 378 since the beginning, almost one item is settled daily and the 2017 liquidation fund is only 103, the 2018 fund. The number of settlements is 3.67 times in 2017, from previous years More than the amount of settlement funds.

A fund investigator has said the withdrawal of foreign media funds is a key reason for the liquidation of funds this year. In addition, the new asset management regulations are grounds for liquidating this amount this year. New asset management regulations do not require financial institutions to "assure benefits" and require other commitments, ie, the funds being licensed foresee a liquidation or transformation option. Likewise, the capital conservation fund will end its operations or transition when the expiration occurs and the number will be reduced gradually.

Three keys

Strict vigilance

According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission website, in 2018, the CSRC created 120 administrative penalties, banned 16 market bans and approved 39-person market bans. Penalties for long-term creatures, Wanjia Kultura and other companies, have been punished by hot money, and the speculative action has changed sharply.

Comprehensive and comprehensive investigation regulates infringements, market manipulation, fraudulent issuing, infringement of regulations, financing and insider trading, and A shares have a positive impact on medium and long term healthcare. With respect to overall coverage and zero tolerances in the first semester of the year, the reduction of administrative interventions proposed in the second half is changing, the regulatory authority is gradually changing. Stabilizing expectations of the market and increasing market confidence will be the 2019 focus.

Four keys

Obligated request

On November 16, Changsheng Biotechnology's senior subsidiaries included illegally illegal activities including national security, public safety, ecological safety, security of production, public security and ecological security, productive safety and public health and public safety. Delisting mechanism offered.

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One month later, Zheng Qingmin, vice president of the China Securities Regulatory Committee, has said five companies, including Changsheng Bio, prohibit the launch of this year. Three companies, including Jinya Technology, have begun a compulsory delay process and "survive and survive" in the market. Ecology is gradually being formed.

The "reversal" of the water flow can be made. During a period of time, the A-share market has been criticized for A-shares for a long time. Regulatory authorities commit to eliminate illegal and illegal anti-money market companies and warn companies listed in illegal activities. Promote a more balanced and orderly market ecology and promote a stable and healthy long-term development of the capital market.

Keyword five

1 yuan delisting stock

On December 28, 2018, after 30 days, Zhonghong was appointed to the Shenzhen Merchants Association. Zhonghong shares the withdrawal of "1 Yuan Delisting Era" and listens to China's alarm for small and medium-sized investors.

In recent years, continuing the system's continuing renewal and monitoring of delisting supervision, more and more "stockpiles have been removed from the market," authorities authorities swear in the market among the main chaos of the market and illegal chaos. And performance will not be standardized or managed by the main defects in defect, it will be "normal", as it will become an industry norm. Normal investments will be increasingly difficult to go and raise.

Six keys

Entering wealth

On May 15 this year, shares entered form A in the MSCI index system, and on September 27, FTSE Russell announced that A shares had risen to "secondary markets". Yang Delong, director and CEO of Qianhai Open Source, said foreign capital revenue in 2018 was invested by 300 million yuan in foreign capital in 2018. The foreign capital increase will increase in 2019 and the amount of the shares will go through. It will exceed 300 million yuan, the proportion of shares in foreign shares will increase dramatically, and the A-share blue chips performance will increase.

The pace of opening up the Chinese capital market is accelerating, and the influence of foreign capital on the A-share market is becoming clearer. Wang Jun, the Chuang Securities chief of China, has invested foreign investment and A shares in investment logic has changed. In the future of shares in the future of the future of future long-term speculation of shares, in depth analysis of the baseline development performance and the most important companies. Development direction.

Keyword seven

Board of Directors

Kechuang's board is progressing at an unforeseeable rate. Currently, the consensus and expectations of the table and science market have emerged. Although the details of politics are not yet, the direction was clearer.

Ren Zeping, the chief economist at Evergrande Research Institute, believes that unleashing channels of development channels in the field of macroeconomics, Science and Technology will promote more social capital to reach technological innovation companies and accelerate the transformation of China's economic kinetic energy; That is, the Kechuang Management will develop long-term and stable business innovation and growth businesses in the capital market. For investors, the Kechuang Board will reduce the threshold of business potentials and facilitate investment. Participate in investment in science and technology companies and sharing the development of science and technology innovation companies.

The key word is eight

Shanghai and London

As a major opening of the Chinese capital market, the opening of "Huluntong" has gradually approached. It is different from Lugangtong and is different from the traditional IPO model. Huluntong's other stock markets are becoming DR and are listed on the local market. "Products" are cross-border, but investors are still in the local market.

In the long term, Huluntong's inauguration will open the Chinese capital market, enrich its corporate financing channels and investor investment instruments, and RMB's internationalization will accelerate. In the short term, the Eastbound business does not provide financing function, the individual investors have more participation and have a low stake, so the effect of A-share funds is very limited.

Key words nine

Bottom rating

The Shanghai index had less than 3,000 points throughout the year, ratings had a lot of voice in the market. Investors are generally worried about the decline in the market decline. Investments have indicated that today's A-share profits growth rate is still downward due to pressure inertia, the long-term medium-term configuration value is particularly pronounced at the bottom of the policy, at the bottom of the assessment and under the proven quality market.

According to Yang Delong, from a rating point of view, the share valuation has fallen back to positions below, not only lower than the valuation of the world's leading market valuations, but also a lower share of the A-share, valuation There is little support in the Securities Market in 2019. From the point of view of growth and value, the next year they should be growth and value structure. Traditional value added and stock leaders will have several options.

Keyword ten

Bailout fund

"Bailout, private companies," is definitely the key to Chinese economy in 2018. In the financial year this year, the capital commitments of the listed companies and the high percentage of financing difficulties have helped many funds.

In order to maintain the bottom line of the systemic risk system of the financial sector since November, the central bank heads, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and the Chinese Insurance Regulatory Committee have consistently indicated that they will take action to mitigate the risk of stockholder engagement, and take measures to promote listed companies. Commitment to the commitment of the resolution. Later, local governments, such as funds financed by financial institutions such as Shenzhen and Beijing, have entered the market in financial markets one after another and the risk of short-term debt is reduced. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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