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Rockets also welcome the return of important injured warriors! Harden: He's my mentor. Every day I learn! – Xunzi said sports – Hanfeng Net


01-21-2018 01:42:17 Source: Xunzi said sports

Original title: The Rockets also welcomes the return of important injured warriors! Harden: He's my mentor. Every day I learn!

This time in Beijing this morning, Houston Rockets has returned to the Chicago Bulls challenge. For fans of Rockets, at the end of the loss, the victory of Spurs and the heart of the "dream" of the Western impact.

Now, Rockets has brought a major player back. According to US FantasyLabs, Nene will return to injury, but there will be restrictions on playing with time. The outer world is expected about 12 minutes per game. When the number of games increases, Nene's time will be played to gradually increase.

This season, due to the calf injury, Nene is always "wounded" in the wounded seat, except Rocket, Capella, the only center is Haltenstein, although Harden is quite positive. , but the ability is still limited.

The return of the 36-year-old Nene, Hatten will spin yield. Zhou Qi, at the time when Nen could not play, for the purpose of subjective or objective reasons, Zhou Qi lost the best chance of proving himself.

Capella, Nene and Haltenstein are all in front of Zhou Qi. Perhaps, Zhou Qi, to get rid of injuries, will compete in a development league.

For rocket lovers, Nene's story, they all see the appearance of the rocket in recent years. On April 24 this year, Rockets defeated the Thunder in the 113-109 rounds. Harden did not do it right. He scored 16 points, 7 rebounds and 8 attendances out of 16 points. However, Nene, Gordon and Lu Wei, three substitutes, scored 64 points and played well.

After playing Harden Nene's younger brother, Harden said: "Next to the big places (Nene), he worked hard, it's my adviser, think or not, every day I see it hard work, it's a real player!"

Well, the question is coming. Do you think Zhou Qi is still up and running at Rockets and D & # 39; Antoni?

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