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Rockets finally passed demons! Harden's constant eruption led to the revenge of Jazz between four winners. Claude, theirs, Mitchell, this, Gordon – green cat


2018-12-18 13:54:03 Source: Green Cat

Original title: Rockets finally passed demons! The constant explosion of Hardenes retaliated for the four consecutive victories of Jazz

In a regular season of the NBA, Rockets won the Toyota Center Arena 102-97 at the Rockets' revenge, eventually headed by Harden and Capella. Rockets get victory Jazz's shooting percentage is not very high. The best players in his team are Mitchell, Claude and Gobert, but substitute players have very little.

In the first quarter, more Rockets were prepared, and the game was opened for the first time on the outside line. Gordon and Tucker scored 6 points for Rocket. Then, Rubio and Gobert strengthened and the advantage of Rockets soon disappeared. Capella shot three blocks in less than four minutes. Although Harden was also directed by Rockets, but Paule took the lead and Rockets and others rested, percentages of shooting fell. Jazz has reduced the 2 point difference, the first quarter of Jazz 23-25 ​​rocket.

In the second quarter, Jazz did not get in the first four minutes, and Rocket's attacks were more defenseless in Harden's interior. In the midst of the outer touches of Harden was not very good, so it made a decisive and Rocket quickly pulled out. Take the lead Then Mitchell and Rubio reduced the gap to 7 points, but the home team scored a score. With Gordon's shot, Rockets's leader was 18 points. At the end of the match, Ingles and Rubio scored 5 points. At the end of the season, Rockets started his 50-37 opponent.

In the third quarter, Claude and Mitchell's three showcases splashed the advantage of Rockets. Crowder got 3 + 1 and D & # 39; Antonie did not have the chance to cancel, and then Capella did not enter. After Jazz's go-ahead score, Harden opened the front line and Capella fell, and Rockets continued. Paul also strengthened. It was at the last phase of three key points. In three quarters, Rockets directed the 83-73 Jazz.

Fourth Four began with Tucker's throw and Jazz free kicks were missing. However, Rockets made many mistakes. Gobert and O & # 39; Neille continued to score points. Three Ruby boxers made the Jazz just 2 points. Gobert led the team to leave the game, but Harden was awakened and Rockets successfully won the 102-97 Jazz game at home, to win four straight. After the Jazz data: English 5 points and 6 support, Claude 14 points and 11 boards, Gobel 18 points and 13 boards, Mitchell 23 points, 8 boards and 5 support, Rubio 12 points. Chutes: Gordon 12 points and 4 panels, Tucker 16 points, Capella 5 points and 14 boards, Harden 47 points, 6 tables, 5 help and 4 steps, Paul 11 ​​points and 9 tables, 4 points and 4 tables.

In this game, rockets have successfully overcome the psychological shadow "fire collapse". That is very important. After all, in the third quarter of the Rockets game, there was a great loss of the Jazz game, and this time it is the same. It is still important to overtake the team again. Harden's final situation is very good. Although he has not even won a double double, he still won and won the fight against the Jazz.

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