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"Sanxiang Sishui" created an exclusive symphonic music collection. 70th Anniversary of the Republic of China – Pay attention today – Hunan Online


The great symphonic music "Sanxiang Sishui" begins with the wind and marks the 70th anniversary of the Republic.

瞿 lot connects Deng Dongyuan Hunan's storytelling hands

"While I was alone in Changsha for a few months while I was a child, our family always talked about Changsha. I call my dad" 伢 老 倌. "No one in Guangdong shouts." Recently, he wrote well-known writers. Changsha, when chatting with the reporters, the feelings of my home country are beyond words.

According to reports, he returned to Hunan to work with President Deng Dongyuan of the Hunan Provincial Music Association to create a large-scale symphony work. "The name we call Sanxiang Sishui". This work is about to be finished and debut in the first half of 2019, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Republic's commemoration of the tributes of our province. "

■ Sanxiang Metropolis Daily • Huasheng Online Reporter, Yuan Xin Interior Cheng Linlin

"The lyricist and composer will be a very special lyric"

Deng Dongyuan said that, in fact, he was very honored, and that he wanted to invite him to write and write works of the group. In working days, the teacher is busy. Because he had deep feelings with his native country, he welcomed the invitation.

Hey, a military artist, a national writer, a famous writer, a poet and a writer. He was led by Warrior Song and Dance Troupe led by General Political Song and Dancing Troupe, led by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Symphony Orchestra and Dean of the PLA Art Academy. "I love you.
China, "The Moon Goes, I Go", "The Smurfs Song" and other well-known letters are written.

Talking about his native country is a 75-year-old, and his main ancestor is Changsha. In his childhood memories, when he was very young, Changsha continued his parents in a short time and read a Changsha primary school. "One day at home, my parents communicate in the Changsha dialect, this time I'm back in Hunan, I want to contribute to my home town and create musical work to return to my native country." It is understood Changsha's journey is to meet people from all walks of life every day, such as culture, tourism, music, exchanges and debates, and how to create a better job "Sanxiang Sishui".

In the most difficult part of the creation, he said: "Huxiang culture has a long history, deep and profound influence. Hunan has singing a lot of people and many songs to sing." Sanxiang "in this great symphonic music, in Sishui, it is very difficult to integrate people and things in an organic way. It is necessary to write the most important part of the culture, but only write articles about literature, so that the landscape of the mountains and rivers should be written in those times. we must make it geographically logically and artistically, and the letter needs to test the time, time and fashion. "

I hope "Sanxiang Sishui" is the only music and art that reflects Hunan's entire image. It is necessary to have "place" and "taste", not only with good script and lyrical composition, but also a strong adaptation, an orchestra symphony, a strong choir and a singer. Hunan region is a must-have feature, continuing with the rhythm of a period and meeting world music culture. We need to make efforts to achieve a balance between the Spring and White Snow and the Lower Lebanon to enjoy and enjoy all the work.

"Try to make the top works

At the top there is the peak "

The president of the Hunan Province Music Association, in addition to his personal creation, Deng Dongyuan encouraged the development of the narrative of Hunan music. As a composer, especially as Hunan, national musicians believe he must bear the burden of the national music nation. Deng Dongyuan reveals that "Hunan Xiangs and Lau Waters" work on the Hunan music charm.

Xiang, Zi, Yi, Yi and Xiangxiang, Steaming Xiang, Xiaoxiang "Three Xiangs and Four Waters" symphonies will be divided into two parts: 16 full-length symphonies will be available. Formulate the adaptation of the artistic image and spiritual connotation "Huxiang Kultura".

"Sanxiang Sishui" will be a large-scale work on a new era and a great precedent. Stations, angles, ideas, creative techniques, the bottom of the group, etc. Deng Dongyuan said: "Today's work is being carried out from the outset, but in addition to doing high-level work, we have made great strides and we must do a high plateau."

Its original ecology, bel canto and choirs, "Sanxiang Sishui", tell about half of the popular songs. Hunan will also feature renowned singers throughout the province and throughout the country, especially "Xiang female singer."

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