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Scientists say the galaxies' edges hide a huge ghostly galaxy. British media: there is still no mystery to be resolved – International Online


Reference News Network On November 24, British media reported that dust and gas disco, which form the Milky Way, is a fantasy galaxy that looks like the other galaxy seen by others. Or at least some astronomers have said, but another investigator questioned the discovery.

According to the British New Scientist, November 16th, the newly discovered galaxies discovered are the Third Way. The Antria constellation is 450 million light years away from the Earth. It is called "Antelia-2" or called "Ante-2".

Researcher Gabriel Torealva said: "It is similar to some galaxy milestones about the Milky Way, which is known for many years, but the size of the galaxy is 10 times and the splendor is divided into the sky, which is more fragmented and hence more difficult to detect."

The report says that he and his team have been named the brightest star "Ante-2", the RR Lyle variable, and the bright stars of the RR Lyle variation vibrate, illuminate and darken for a long time. As you know, the small galaxy in the Milky Way orbit is at least a sudden synchronization that is synchronizing with the surrounding creature.


Great ghost

According to Torre Yarwa and its collaborators, the Moon Latters observed by Gaia satellites to track the position and movement of the nearby stars and determine the Milky Way and surrounding maps. Group set of stars moved together.

The report said that giant stars were researched by 100 giant stars in four RR stars and were found to be at the same speed because they were the same galaxy. But these stars also indicate that the galaxies that are located are extravagant.

By distance, the research team concludes that "Ante-2" is huge, with about 9,500 light years. But for a big galaxy it is very blue. This is the expansion area, even though it is a 100-fold higher hyper-diffusion galaxy. This means that the "Ante-2" surface shine is the smallest known star system.

Torre Yalva believes that due to the dark matter of the Milky Way. It can be the same as the "Ante-2" system, concentrating it on the center as in most galaxies. This allows "Ante-2" to maintain its immense volume, affecting Milky Way due to gravitational impairments.


Strange galaxy

However, before the Gisela Clementini Astrophysics National Italian Institute said that "before-2" features are unknown, some questions must be answered. Gaia satellite analyzed the stars of the RR and pointed out that the Torreyalava team has a formula to calculate the distance of "Ante-2".

When he noticed this, he asked to cooperate with the Bolonia and Naples colleagues, thinking that he had a problem with distance measurement. This is a serious problem, when the characteristics of this galaxy are not very common, the galaxy is far from us according to estimations by the Estai team.

Clementini said he reminds the team that they want to focus on this issue and re-examine them. He said: "They have found something, but in this phase, unless you confirm this calculation, I can not own the system."

Clementini said that the star of RR Lyle could not be a galaxy, but it may be in front of the galaxy. If this is the case, the research team found that "Ante-2" is just luck. If we think that distance from the galaxy is much more far away, then its dimensions will be extreme. But closer, it seems like a dwarf galaxy.

Torre Yarwa said the distance-mistakes in the formula have risen from the RR Lair to 260,000 light years away from Earth, up to 424,000 light years before. But they used two other methods to confirm the distance of the stars of "Ante-2". A galaxy like "Ante-2" should have hundreds of hundreds of variable stars and this group is the closest. Also, the new calculations did not change the "Ante-2".

Alan McConaughey of Canada University said: "Unlike an unusual Galaxy look, the distance should be twice as high. If you change between 10% or 20%, the object is still very rare."

We know that the "extinct" galaxies we know long ago are hiding behind our gas and dust in our windshields. There are similarly large and scattered galaxies, such as Krater 2 and Andromeda 19. He said: "Whether they are the tips of some extreme objects or the ice of a new type of galaxy, which is urgently needed."

According to the report, if the galaxy is much more than just thought out, if it is surrounded by a galaxy's galaxy vault, people should understand how a dark matter and a star-grip mechanism around the world can understand. (Compiled / Hu Wei)

(Original title: Scientists say, a huge ghost galaxy that hides the galaxy at Milky Way, British media: there's still no mystery)


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