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See the passengers stealing the bus steering wheel. 8-year-olds are arrested _ Xinmin

Mim is a policeman. Yu Xuan, Hangzhou, November 24 (Zhang Bin) Recently, Hangzhou Jiande has begun to seize the bus station. At 24, the reporter investigated Hangzhou Jiande police arrested the investigation and arrested the travelers for eight days in the administration.

The police filed at 9:30 am on November 21, 2018, when Jiandemeicheng arrived at the station of Zhejiang A6M407, the woman was 60 years old on the train. He did not show his citizens' card and Xie Mou and Xie Mou refused to pay. Conflict occurred

On the screen screen, he steals Mi steering wheel. Yu Xuan

Mimik did not bring a citizen card, but he did not have to pay a bus. At this time, the female passenger on the bus on the bus paid Mimi later. Shortly afterwards, from the beginning of the car, Mi Moura had seen a passenger over 70 years old and showed his old age card without any fares, and then confronted the traveler.

The police said that he had good intentions to convince Mi words to say a few words, but Mi was not heard. While driving the bus, he accused Xie of the driver and warned his passenger. When the bus arrived at the East Gate and did not reach the sign of the Bixiwu station, Mi Mou found himself sitting at the station and Xie stopped immediately. As the bus stop was not reached, the driver Xie Mou did not stop.

On the screen screen, he steals Mi steering wheel. Yu Xuan

The video screen shows up at this time Mi driver and steered the driver while the vehicle was running. After that, the driver Xie Mou stopped and stopped alerting the unit's head and alerted.

After taking out a policeman at the Meicheng Police Department in Jiande City, the police returned to the police for a detailed investigation. After the investigation, Mi Mou took a steering wheel as a result of serious impact on conventional transport driving in public transport. Mime arrested the police for eight days.

Original title: See passengers stealing the bus steering wheel. The arrests lasted 8 days.

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