Monday , January 18 2021

Shanghai Phoenix and the deal reached: 27.92 million Yuan are recovered in installments – IT and transport – cnBeta.COM

On January 11, Shanghai Phoenix Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. (600679, Shanghai Phoenix) announcedIn mediation of the Interim Patient Court of Part 1 of Beijing, Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Co., Ltd. (Phoenix Bicycle) and Dongxia Datong operator (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Dongxia Datong) subsidiary controlling agreement reached a mediation agreement. Determines the content:

1. Confirmation of outstanding payment, legal fees, interest (until 20 November 2018), etc. Dongxia Datong has distributed 71,166 million yuan of Phoenix;

2. Agreed by the Court of Part 1 of Beijing for the freezing of the frozen item Dongxia Datong (until 20 November 2018) and paid 28,405,500 RMB by Phoenix bicycle. Other payments will be paid in installment payments.

In this case, the mediation book has been signed directly by legal parties. Phoenix Bicycle has received 27,9261 million dollars of frozen from Dongxia Datong, which recently sent the courts.

Shanghai Phoenix said the company's subsidiary, Phoenix Bicycle, has recovered a portion of its receivables and has reached an agreement with Dongxia Datong, to reduce the risk of charging effectively and to bring benefits to companies listed. You have reached a certain positive impact.

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