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Michael Schumacher, born on January 3, 1969 in Schulte, the driver of Formula 1 in Germany, one of the biggest F1 drivers in modern times, has practically rescued his career for 16 years. He won seven championships and was the only German driver to win the championship.

Experts in this article: Dr. Chen Haixu, Associate Fellow of Research, Second Medical Center, PLA Hospital Hospital

Sadly, by the end of 2013, Schumacher and his son and a group of friends had an accident in Meribel Skiing in the French Alps. When he was sent to the hospital, Schumacher's head was a serious injury.

In the Schumacher Command, the outer world has repeatedly said that his condition has deteriorated and his wife is always caring.

More recently, Schumacher's new awakens have been heard, but the Schumacher family has not been reviewed. It can be said that Schumacher suspects that he awakens.

What is a craniocerebral injury?

Craniocerebral injuries are a common trauma that can be combined with individual or other injuries. It is divided into the anatomy of the brain.Scalp injury, cranial injury and brain damageThree can be combined.

Scalp injuries include scalp hematoma, scalp laceration, and scalp avulsion. Skull fractures include linear cranial fractures, basic cranial fractures and minor fractures. Brain damage concussion, axonal diffusion injury, brain contusion, and brain injury including injury.

Brain damage often causes different dysfunction levels, such as brain tissue (focussing) or major damage (dispersion) in a given area.

Headache in different areas can cause many symptoms. The main symptoms are exercise, sensation, speech, sight and hearing anomalies, while brain diffusions often cause memory, sleep, or confusion.

How is brain injury classified?

Injuries can be divided into four types: lightweight, medium, heavy and heavy. The clearest ones are clear and, often, the patients have a bit of disturbance of consciousness and can wake up in 30 minutes.

The average can take 12 hours. Lifelong consciousness is an awful lotion for a day or two or more.

The most serious head injury was that the patient fell into a deep coma, often traumatic or with other serious injuries.

What is an artificial comma?

On the second day of the accident, Schumacher made a press conference on hospital to say what Schumacher had said"Comma Induced".

Artificial command is calledThe anesthesiologist carries out an in-patient deep anesthetic, controlling the drug dose, thus protecting the "comma" wound of the patient's brain.

To achieve the goal of "self-defense", the body closes "consciously" with the basic signs of the back, such as breathing, the brain enough to slowly wound the wounds.

In general, this self-joining comma will last for 2-5 weeks, and the patient will wake up.

Patients longer than that would not statistically survive. Although they survive, a "vegetative" state may be a permanent one.

Currently, "artificial coma" has become a developed brain surgery technology and is widely used.

Why is brain damage associated with consciousness arising?

Consciousness disorders are common among patients with brain injuries. The reversible loss of short-term consciousness occurs after the skin becomes severe, and the coma is still a serious injury. The ultimate cause of consciousness disorder is the loss of cerebral cortex function, but its precise mechanism of action is still clear.

The disorder of consciousness also occurs when there is a difference between the disorder and the pathogen of consciousness after the injury and the injury. The first is related to the deterioration of the brain tissues when there is injury to external injuries. This is the addition of intracranial pressure, cerebral ischemia, and second-line injury to cerebral palsy.

According to new reports,When Schumacher arrived at the hospital, he suffered a serious injury and was in the coma. His injuries caused the rupture of consciousness immediately after the injury.

Nursing and observation of patients with severe lesions

Patients with serious mental illnesses have a long coma, rapid changes in illnesses, many complications, difficult treatment, complicated nursing and a great deal of death. In addition to proper diagnosis and rescue treatment, careful and rational care is required.

Not only is the key to recovery of the patient's life, but also an important link in the recovery of the patient's recovery and the reduction of the incidence of surgical treatment.

At the same time, it must strengthen the rehabilitation of neurological functions, make the patient massage, passive body movements, promote body blood circulation, increase muscle tension, prevent joint contraction, help recover function and create deep thrombosis in the lower limb prevents it. .

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