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"Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" 100% amazing fresh tomato start – Europe and America comics – cnBeta.COM

The animated feature film "Spiderman: Parallel Universe", produced by the Columbia University Film Company, American Marvel Company, and the American Animation Film, will appear on the western side of China on December 21. A visual style, a retro-comic element that combines three-dimensional animation with youngsters, touches and groundbreaking youngsters in six Spider-Man screens, the "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" already officially detonated the main foreign media have them!Freshness of today's tomato is 100%! Metacritic-directed film review network has earned 81 points; Fifteen famous films have given praise without exception and many people called it "the best annual animated film".

"Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" 12.21 Inner Freedom

Tomato agility freshness 100%

Marvel, as a superhero animated film, is launching the boldly newest "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe": Miles Morales tells the story of a young boy who learns to grow and seek "little black spider", Latin and African, has meaning and worlds It creates stories that save you. In the country, ignorance and rebellion in adolescence, struggles and shamelessness are facing a new environment and sudden loss of burdens. I think many audiences resign and have empathy. He is a simple movie, comic book, dots and other elements, and joins CG animation technology, and finally presents a unique visual style.

The American mouth of the film officially rose and the freshness of today's tomato is 100%! The metacritic film review score is more than 81 points. Explicitly striking images completely conquered the critics of foreign media and praised the amazing stories of growth and family. Several films compare the graffiti of the famous street artist Roy Lichtenstein; The USA Today audiovisual effect seems to be a wonderful innovation; Indie Wire thinks that the movie appears and the classic Spider-Man's IP has renewed its vitality: The Weekend Warrior now names the best Spider-Man film; Business Insider has the title "Best of the Year".

In the eyes of many film critics, the Spider-Man top IP has opened a new chapter. Last year they called on "Spider-Man: Return of Heroes" and they were called, and links to the universe of Marvel movies opened up infinite possibilities. At the beginning of this month, "Poison Liquid: Deadly Guardian" (hereafter "Poison") was published in three weeks. At the box office in the Peninsula, he has already gone to $ 1.8 million, and will soon be the most famous superhero movie in the history of the continent! "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" will give the official "Poison" reference the following month, and will be able to see other films in China. The best effect is that they are in the same six Spider-Man boxes, so that life will not be missed by fans.

Marvel's "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" animated animated animated film tells the usual story of Myers Morales's regular school teacher from Peter Parker to Spider-Man's new generation of superheroes. Spiderman is over! Films, Miles and Peter, Spiderman Gwen, Shadow Spiderman, Penny Parker and other parallel universes Pigman, Spider-Man Six put on the first big screen. Spider-Man to fight against the strongest villains of the universe. The movie "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" will be released in China on December 21.

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