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Strong Measures to Promote High Protection – Transfer Methods to Improve Profit – 11 Provinces and Cities for the Promotion of the Economic Ring Development Days of the Yangtze River for three years – Xinhuanet


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 6 Topic: strong measures to boost high protection, transfer methods to improve the sense of profit – Three provinces and municipalities, a three-year symposium to promote the development of the economic ring of the Yangtze River

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In the economic Ring of the Yangtze River there are seven provinces and cities in China, eastern, central and western regions, with more than 40% of the population and more than 40% of the GDP, with 20% of the territorial area. Three decades after the development of the economic ring of the Yangtze River, local people have changed their ideological concepts and development concepts, at the same time, to refuge and restore them, both through emergency and long-term efforts, real movements, practical results and green production and livelihoods to form the same The profit of people is constantly improving.

Touch a hard guardian of a stream

In winter winter season, Yan Meijun, Junshan District, President of the Fungong Agricultural Cooperative, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, is organizing green mammal cultivation. At the age of 46, he was a senior "pig" at the age of 23. In 2017, the Junshan District implemented a pig retreat, and the US Army unleashed its pig farms, and the retired houses of the town formed a cooperative to become a large-scale rice plantation. The annual rent was around 300,000 yuan.

The US Army said: "Pigling pigs are very polluting the environment, we must take the decision to transform the Yangtze River. In 2018, the scale of cooperatives has increased and the value of the output reaches tens of millions of yuan, now we have all seen" Qian Jing "and cooperatives they are. "

Laundering, return of the fish to the lake, agricultural forests and meadows, the retreat of the Yangtze River coast, the elimination of pollution, the restoration of ecological restoration and the acceleration of the transfer of structure … In the last three years, all localities have developed ecological priority and green development. Duties, addition, good work for subtraction and fixing the necessary questions for the protection of the Yangtze River.

Upstream, Dali City, in the Yunnan province, implements two "two actions of the river", two main actions, "directing two" pollutions, accelerating projects for the control of pollution in the countries and pollution and pollution. Guizhou turned the forests and pastures into peasants and presented the yearly assessment method for soil and water conservation. The surface erosion of the soil must be reduced to 45,000 square kilometers, a fall of 41.3% in the 1980s.

In the middle, the province of "Thousand Lakes", 12.22 million fenced meshes and cages culture dropped 12.22 million barrels, and 275,500 megabytes (fecal) aquaculture was prohibited; The ten main pharaohs of the Yangtze River were set up and the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Development was implemented. Ten strategy initiatives. Jiangxi Jiujiang has made a great effort to build the "most beautiful rivers" and promote "close and turn" small chemical companies along the Yangtze River and produce five new industries, such as new materials, new energy and green foods, and new kinetic energy and accelerate the conversion of the old one.

Downstream, Anhui clearly defined the 1km, 5km, and 15km coastal control measures along the Yangtze River, and seven main actions: "New construction, stock reduction, pollution sources, access to parks, green green building, Nashua management, and strong mechanisms" Jiangyin , Jiangsu Province City has reduced "efficient supply and lower production capacity" and continues to "add higher industries and green industries". The yearly investment of environmental protection projects is around 10 million yuan and works entirely on new kinetic energy. .

On the Yangtze River, special corrective actions, such as illegal pits, drinking water sources, water entering the river, chemical contamination and solid waste were carried out in a proper manner. In the last three years, 1,254 moon waves have been demolished on the trunk of the Yangtze River and greenbacks have been recovered; There are many chemical contaminants in the provinces along the Yangtze River, and Jiangsu has delayed several chemical companies.

The benefits of "Yang Jiang Yumin" began to gradually grow

Bird migrants winter birds flew to the Chongming island in Shanghai, and after ten years they were not seen as a "naked guest", unexpectedly in the Qingshan district of Wuhan, Siberian red arrows visited the Zhangzhou section of the Yangtze River …

In the last three years, the Yangtze River Economic Ring is deeply rooted in the concept of large-scale protection and non-development, and has also established a smooth and rapidly shifting market structure, which gradually increases the sense of mass and business over the Yangtze River.

Binjiang Tongling City Ecology Park, Anhui province, vast giant river and giant vegetation. Before going to the seashore, there are sand and mixed plants and there is a serious environmental pollution. "I did not expect the dirty mix to become a landscape." The city of Tongling felt a lot about the ecological changes surrounding the Zhang Yong River.

The environment has improved and the green industry has grown. In Daye, Hubei, Liu Hewu, who works in the furniture manufacturing industry, has taken over 10,000 hectares of land in its home town, planting tree trees and wealthy people to tree-cutting people. Ancient Huang Dongping was formerly planted with flowers and trees, 1800 hectares of acres of cherry garden, Hongfeng Garden, Xuemei Garden, Haitang Garden, farm food garden and fruit gathering garden. Over the past five years, Daye City tourism revenue has grown by an average annual rate of 46.1%.

Lishui, Zhejiang, Chongyang in Hubei, Fuzhou in Jiangxi and Chishui in Guizhou, Green Mountain is turning into a golden mountain to ease poverty. Chishui City, the Province of Guizhou, "Panorama Chishui", "Global Tourism", began developing green industries, such as eco-tourism, medical herbs and bamboo industry, and successfully eliminated poverty. "You can not separate ecological environmental protection from economic development, and you can not deal with it, otherwise poverty reduction will not work." The mayor of Chihai, Tan Hai said.

The protection of the Yangtze River has allowed many companies to improve their sense of purchase. "Unless illegal shipment management is not a greenback transformation and a high quality development." Ma Aidong, secretary of the Yichang Zhicheng Port Commission, said they had been subjected to unlawful docks, the company suffered losses for years, and the subsequent treatment agents have changed dramatically. OK, everyone is more secure.

"The good state of both productions and sales can not be distinguished from the protection of the Yangtze River." Xiaosong, the main operator of Jiangxi Blue Star Fire Silicone Co, SL, said the company has invested 300 million yuan in environmental protection with the integrated treatment of biochemical integrated treatments to prevent contamination. For the first time ten years, the company had won losses. In the first 10 months of 2018, it reached sales of around 5 million yuan, an increase of around 94%. "As time progresses and adapt, we invite you to the spring of development."

The protection of the Yangtze River is still underway

In recent years, some environmental environments have been severely damaged, but environmental protection can not be achieved. Some thinkers and experts believe that the current development of the Yangtze River Economic Ring has three contradictions and problems: the history of pollution is slow and the government is slow, but people and property are limited investment and a long way of protection and reparation; Water pollution prevention and control are very professional, but researchers and professional groups. Not contamination, many pollution control points "conceptual heat, landing difficult"; The protection of the Yangtze River from the shore to the river affects the banks of the left and right and the tributaries. The general coordination problem is still clear, the risks of cross-border contamination are not diminished.

To promote the development of good economic development, the development of the Ring Ring of the Yangtze River, and all local people try to find an answer to solve these dangers.

In the absence of environmental protection and scarce control, Shishou City, the Hubei Province, established the environmental monitoring mechanism "Electric Sentinel" last May to keep track of business energy consumption in the Yangtze River and to enforce the law enforcement and infringement procedures in real time. In the province of Jiangsu, the eight-city Supreme Court of the eight city of the Yangtze River was founded and set up the Platform for the Protection of the Ecosystems Resource Protection and Prosecution Service of the Yangtze River.

Unless sufficient coordination and coordination Maanshan City and Nanjing, Wuhu and other places collided with the joint prevention and control of water pollution, The city of Chongqing implemented a full-length river system and set the city, district, district and municipality "Double River Chief". The structure, over the 5,300 rivers of the city, has more than 3,000 reservoirs of "single and long river" coverage.

Difficult to transform "two mountains". Ezhou City, Hubei Province, implemented ecological value projects, and three Yunnan and Guizhou territories invested 200 million yuan in establishing a horizontal fund for ecological protection in the Chishui River basin. The equatorial payment of the river Xiné was included in the "2.0" period.

The pictures of the Yangtze River and related experts believe that the development of the Yangtze River Economic Ring and the management, development and protection of the people and water relationship are considered. There are still three major changes to the protection of the Yangtze River, still on the way. (Reporter Wang Xian, Yu Xianhong, Zhang Ziwei, Xie Wei, Lin Bifeng, Qin Huajiang, Zhou Nan, Pan Dexin, Huang Wei)

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