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Sun Jianfeng Young Scientists: Laser Communication Is Made Out of 16 "Gravity Outside on Earth".


Zhongxin Online Haihai on November 22nd of

Title: Young Scientist Sun Jianfeng: Laser Communication 16 is in "Gravity Earth Beyond"

Author Zheng Yingying

Since its inception in 2002, Shanghai Institute of Optics and a 40-year Mechanics Mechanics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have begun laser communication for 16 years.

In August 2016, the first satellite of the world's "Mozi" satellite was launched. Sun Jianfeng's DPSK modulation / free space-based homodyne-compliant communication system detects the greatest barrier to satellite-based laser communication technology "Mozi" and creates great capacity for building a slave. Highway information space on the Earth.

Sun Jianfeng laboratory in photo Zheng Yingying

Sun Jianfeng laboratory in photo Zheng Yingying

Sun Jianfeng is the first laboratory in China to perform consistent laser coor- dinates. Before "Mozi N °", most of the research groups did not have a coherent laser communication. Many people questioned that technology is very complicated; After that, the majority of the group became a coherent laser communication. "

As the Deputy Director of the Space Laser Information and Transmission National Detection Laboratory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Jianfeng's work has contributed to the development of China over the years.

Dr. Sun Jianfeng was a student of Optics and Mechanical Precision at the Shanghai Academy of Sciences. At the beginning of the Chinese laser communications, it was doing simulation equipment. At that time, laser communication equipment was very difficult, but it was harder to see if laser communication equipment was good. At that time, there was no criterion, and it was necessary to start from scratch.

To test laser communication devices, Sun Jianfeng has said that it is difficult to simulate satellite space space in space. There are two special difficulties: First, the satellites are miles from Earth. The second is faster, the satellite moves at high speeds and this communication is difficult to simulate on the ground.

Under the guidance of the teacher, the research team has carried out simulation equipment. He did this in the first phase. The Sun When Dr. Sun Jianfeng graduated in 2005, in the communication of the laser, some progress has been made in China. Sun Jianfeng recalled that China was beginning to develop advanced, advanced laser-based laser-based communication technologies that could be directly detected by home communications technologies at that time.

It explains the advantages of consistent technology: great sensitivity, can work directly from the sun, suitable for high-speed and high-speed work. In 2009, his team verified the viability of coherent laser communication technologies for the first time in China.

Based on the technology of spatial detection and verification of terrestrial spatial communications and spatial laser technologies, in 2012, the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics investigated the role of coherent laser-based laser communication with the help of Chinese Academy of Quantum Science's experimental satellites. In 2013, Sun Jianfeng was appointed as the Director of the Systems System for the Surveying Remote Sensing System of Experimental Scientific Kuanty, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Development project, and in China's first orbit, the task of studying high-speed laser communication.

After more than a decade, there is still a gap in the field of laser communication in China, an application and an international level, but from an "entry" of small achievements, rapid development has been a leading international indicator.

In the last two years, it has shown the development of the laser market in the telecommunications industry. When Sun Jianfeng said he was a PhD, the project was relatively small, the whole process of scientific research was slow, and one thing could be done in a few years; Now the pace is very fast, a lot of money is being invested, and there are a lot of teams in an area, confronting Industry is a tough competition.

In the future, his team wants to open a new field of laser communication: "Now, all communications are closer to the Earth and have not surpassed Earth's gravity. In the future, there is a communication between laser communication between Earth's gravity."

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