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Sun Yang Champion is the first show to go to the deaths of his friends Sun Yang_ 新浪 财经 _ 新浪

Sun Yang Champion's first show, the first name of the past, the end of the death of friends

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China News Service, Qingdao, March 24 (Ma Yuanhao Yang Bing), the 2019 World Cup and World Cup tournament championship competition began in Qingdao on the 24th. The Chinese swimming captain and Olympic champion won Sun Yang for 400 meters free men's morning. Title rises to the end of the night. Sun Yang concluded that the last one would not only fight for him, but at the same time he will fight for the Hong Kong du Jingqian swimmer this month.

Men's 400m free-style first competitions are the first battle of Sun Yang's current championship. In the game, Sun Yang opened another 50-meter gap with other players and when he swam to 300 meters, the advantage will open for 6 seconds. In the end he scored in the first place with 3: 49.04 points and was not promoted to the night end.

Sun Yang appeared in the National Swimming Championship. Ma Yuanhao

Talking about the results of the first movie made in that day, Sun Yang thought it was normal. "I feel good and I'll have fun at night".

In the late afternoon, Sun Yang emphasized: "I hope not only to fight myself but also to my good friend, Du Jingqian." He says the Chinese Jingqian 16 is keeping up. Swimming pool for Hong Kong swimming pool. In Tianjin's National Games of 2017, Du Jingqian and Sun Yang and Xu Jiayu participated in a freestyle transmission of 4 × 100 meters male men from the Zhejiang-Hong Kong United group and finally received silver.

In Jingqian, he felt uncomfortable when he was training in Florida in the United States 19, and eventually died and died. After hearing about bad news, Sun Yang has expressed condolences to today's social media: "Thank you, for all you have done for swimming. Long-term overloaded exercise is our dream, we're on the way to dreams, and I'm afraid I'll keep going, and I hope the sky is not there. it will hurt you, and I will go on the way ".

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