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Surprise again and happily – Su Bingtian's 2018-Xinhuanet Sports


In Su Bingtian, with a double harvest of his career, "winning life" is well deserved in 2018.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 17: Surprise is filled with happiness – Su Bingtian 2018

Xinhua News Reporter, Wu Junku, Zhu Qing

The court broke three Asian males with an Asian indoor record of 60 meters, binds 100-meter Asian ring twice and became a father. In Su Bingtian, with a double harvest of his career, "winning life" is well deserved in 2018. Annually, it will include his year and wishes to express his happiness with words such as "surprise", "legend" and "perfect".

Perfect season, astonished surprise

Su Bingtian's impression, the 2018 season opened on November 27, last year. On that day, after a wedding, he bid farewell to his new wife and went to Beijing to start a new winter workout. Two months later, he went to Su Bingtia to take part in the foreigner's competition and made another breakthrough.

"I am still very legendary throughout the whole season, this January 23, this year, I went abroad for the first time, and at that time my heart was still very shame. I went abroad abroad when I did the test, I made 60 seconds in 6 seconds. Did I plan to run the first game? I'm pretty embarrassed and I'm six seconds behind 65. He said 6 seconds is 65 slow. "Su Bingtian recalled 17. At that time the details were fresh and the details were still new.

"In fact, at that time there was a little pressure, I chose them in the indoor competitions, I organized a lot of games. I wanted to know the feelings through various competitions and prepare for the World Cup." He said in Bingtian.

He did not think in Su Bingtia in 6 seconds that 55 played in Berlin in the first game. After a week, Karlsruhe spent 6 seconds in 47 seconds, increasing his Asian record by 0.03 seconds.

He then continued in Su Bingtia for 6 seconds in 43 and 6 seconds, at age 42, and won the Silver Medal of the World Championship. The first Chinese female immigrant won the world title of the winner of the competition and was also set up in the Asian project. The best score.

"The good results were not thought of before the game, because after executing in 6 seconds in 47 seconds, the second match was separated for three days and I did not want to participate. Later, I performed the test and I participated. After my predictions, my physical condition was very good It seemed to me that it was the end of it. In the end, I tried to fight again again. For 6 seconds, the 43 record is Asian, and I still have to solve many opportunities. " Su Bingtian said.

In the summer season, Su Bingtian continued its clear state. On June 9 he lasted 91 seconds and set up an Asian record that created the naturalized player of Qatar's Okunod. In August, he won the Asian Games championship for 9 seconds in the 92th minute and was the Asian Games leader.

"My blessing is to see it in Europe in general this year. Most of the good results have been exhausted in Europe, and there are almost good results in competing with the best players in the world. I also found more confidence in these achievements." Su Bingtian said: "My 2018 has many surprises and surprises, this year is very memorable in my professional career."

Upgrade your dad

In a 2018 contest, Su Bingtian left one game, the World Cup runway and pitch in mid-July. He took part in this game and went to China, after Lucerne, Switzerland's track and competition, on July 9, along with his wife. Unfortunately, the plan can not keep any changes. Su Bingtian has returned to China on the plane and his son has fallen on the ground.

Even though the son was not born at that moment, the excitement of Mr. Bingtian's father for the first time was far beyond words. In the conversation, he has always mentioned his son and wife from time to time.

"This year, I'm at home in a new year, it's a better coach for me this year. Stay in my house with my children." "The son has a fever for two days and he is very worried." "Now the training is in the room and it's a movie for a wife and a child." When he mentioned the baby Bingtian, his face was always full of love.

However, due to heavy training, Su Bingtian and his family always met and apologized in the heart. When the reporter asked when he was going to take his son, he was looking for a game, he said: "Now it's too young to read and read, and now he does not know who his father is."

"I went home a year ago and did not want to. I felt strangely. I'll come back in the future and I hope I'll be safe and healthy." Su Bingtian said: "I still want a walk-in career. I've been doing it for two or three years to get kids to understand, so I'll stick with them."

Su Bingtian said his son hopes to see the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. "At that time, he was also two years old, they will be my last Olympics, and I will see Father's participation in the Olympic Games."

The sword is made towards Tokyo

Su Bingtian will be 30 years old next year. As a "big brother" with great success, he always felt that he was very young, but he was very old with the team's young players. However, according to the current training situation, the Tokyo Olympics is not a problem until two years.

Su Bingtian said last year that, following Randy's practice, training has changed a lot. In the past, the intensity of the preparation of the competition was very high, and the body could sometimes not suffer. The training mode is very powerful, but it's a short time, so the body has enough time to rest.

"This model works very little before the game. Before starting the game, it is not at the bottom of the heart, but by means of the game, the body can remain active." Su Bingtian said.

There are no major missions next season of 2019, above Doha World Championships. Su Bingtian does not make it difficult for the World Championships to reach 90 seconds 90 seconds.

"Now, I think they have this capability in all aspects. As a result of the experience of improving my performance, I had 10 or 10 seconds and 10 seconds in 10 seconds, already 9 seconds in 9 seconds 9 in 92 seconds In nine seconds, 90 seconds is possible. "He said in Bingtia.

"But my hard-faced power has not yet arrived, so it's possible to have the best physical strength, the best situation, the best time and place, and the speed of wind, temperature and other factors." My goal lasts for 9 seconds. "

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