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Sweet wedding with Lai Hongguo! Gillian happy blessing accepted – Entertainment | Without Chew Daily


Joey Yung and Cai Zhuoyu Gillian are a wedding gift worth 240,000 yuan (RM128,000). This style is Gillian's bride's choice.

Yan Xinyu has welcomed a wedding at the hotel tonight, headed by the Emperor Yang Shoucheng. (Talk given / Mingqi draft)

(Hong Kong, 20th)) Yan Xinyi (Gillian) and her husband Lai Hongguo set up a honeymoon at the hotel tonight to become an important event in the entertainment industry. The leader of Gillian, Yang Shoucheng, of course, is very important to marry the company, with Gillian very respectful. Yang Chengcheng was released tonight by Yang Chengcheng, Lai Hongguo. Court couple started the stage and all the guests were blessed. The scene was intense.

Joey Yung sent Sa 240,000 Yuan Castle cake
Happy to play and rotate

Joey Yung and Cai Zhuoyu Gillian are a wedding gift worth 240,000 yuan (RM128,000). This style is Gillian's bride's choice. In a wedding reception, Joey and Ah Sa made the first wedding cake for the castle. The wedding was a golden light and the most elegant was the fortress's height. Joey said: "The cake is not good, and some photos of shadows (唔) are on the channel." She and Ah Sa more fun and danced the cake.

Gillian: I'll tell you now.

A couple of new people asked the media before they opened. I asked Lai Hongguo to give it to Gillian. He told me there will be programming arrangements. However, to keep up the mystery, I've been practicing a few weeks before and although I spent several weeks, I'm very nervous. Sing it or not? Lai Hongguo said: "I do not say anything, I do not know anything else."

Yan Xinyi and her husband Lai Hongguo have a great sunshine on the stage. (Talk given / Mingqi draft)
Yan Xinyi and her husbands were all admitted by Lai Hongguo. (Talk given / Mingqi draft)
Yan Xinyi and her husband Lai Hongguo are happy to share with everyone. (Talk given / Mingqi draft)
Joey and A Sa sent a 100,000 yuan wedding cake to Jiajiao married. (Yong Zuer IG image)

Gillian said that I am very happy to see many friends today, although they are going to attend many jobs, they will see a great day. Ask if she asks whether she is losing weight to dress a wedding dress? Gillian continued: "There are some sets of shirts, because the previous line is swollen. (Many people have changed Laiko Tai recently?) Many (they are used?) They are used! (How do you feel?) I'm at home I can use the surname, I can use it anytime, use it! "

Lai Hongguo was asked about the night of the declaration of love, and laughed and said that he was self-esteem, he stressed that he was nervous and said he had forgot. After visiting, he prepared and refused the sentence. Two people also exploded and Gillian called another husband to his husband. Lai Hongguo also called Gillian to his wife. Gillian asked Lai Hongguo to be pregnant. Lai Hongguo said he did not, everything went, and he gave 100 points to Gillian and praised the canton.

Yan Xinyi (Gillian) and her husband accepted Lai Hongguo's visit. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)
Participation in dialogues for the wedding ban on Yan Xinyi and Lai Hongguo. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)
Yan Xinyi showed happiness and happiness around her husband around Lai Hongguo. (Photo: Hong Kong Ming Pao)

Wedding Exhibition
The floral sea is romantic and elegant everywhere.

Tonight was the reception of the wedding by Emperor Yang Shoucheng. The people were very romantic. Gillian and her husband were Lai Hongguo's wedding photo. The reception desk offered a white bench to welcome guests.

The corridors of the hostel are full of flowers and there is a flower bridge in the room. New tourists use China's Q dress code to design the charger and candle as a gift. (Hong Kong Ming Pao)

Gillian and Lai Hongguo made a wedding party tonight and they were exposed to the location of the exhibition and the flowers were everywhere. (given in the speech)
A couple of vests offer a charger and a candle as gifts as a gift. (given in the speech)
The flowers are arranged on both sides, quite elegant. (given in the speech)
The emperor Yang Shoucheng wore a wedding banquet tonight. (given in the speech)

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