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Talk about the mysterious waves of Hawking students: Hawking also thinks that this is not related to aliens. I think, and that is, this is not, new discoveries, and – Red Star News

2019-01-13 05:10:38 Source: Red Star News

A few days ago it was reported by the BBC and other mediaCanada finds more than 1.5 million light years of radio signalsAnd he said that a radioactive radio station (FRB) has been detected within a period of two months, a "recurrent" repetitive signal, similar to a previously detected signal, and said that the source of these signals are unknown, but notIt is a sign of wisdom of extraterrestrial exclusions.

As soon as the report came out, the global scale hated. Many of the award winners speculated that "this alien is sending land?"

Pau Figueras is a visiting student at Cambridge University. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Cambridge University Mathematical Department. Hawking started in the same direction and he chose Hawking Scholar in 2013-2015. He worked with Hawking to investigate the black holes. A new 1.5-million-year-old radio signal, Paul Red Star News said: "Mr. Hawking is still alive and knows news, I think this is not sent by foreigners."

The one asked is Pau Figueras
The one asked is Pau Figueras

Pau said in an interview with Red Star News, because FRB found this time,He thinks it's not foreigners"I think Hawking also thinks that this is not an overseas one." But, at the same time, Pau believes that this discovery is still an exciting discovery in the scientific community, "that is, the second sign of the universe that man has detected." We can not explain in detail, but it is probably rotated and highly magnetizedThe star of the neutron. Pau thinks that more signs are detected. The formation of neutral numbers and an important scientific value for human evolution over subsequent evolution.

Pau told Red Star News that if a star is a "star killer" collapse of a massive star of a nuclear star, more than 20 star masses will create a black hole. If it is too small, it will create a black hole. Neutron stars, "That's why black holes are closely linked to neutron," Pau said. The Behavioral Observatory (LIGO) detected a combined wave-wave gravitational of a neutron star that could be the next physical examination. Provide new clues.

"I think Mr. Hawking is alive, I think that is not related to aliens, but this discovery deserves more study, we need to help understand and understand the improvement of the universe," said Pau. Today, scientists from all over the world have begun researching. "When this information was first discovered, the world's telescopes have already been pointed out in this direction." Paul has told Red Star News that many scientists are currently studying in different wavelengths. This signal finds signs in other universe bands while the signal source is identified.

Paul and Hawking's picturePaul and Hawking's picture

As a teacher at Hawking, in the eyes of Pauen, Hawking is a person with good humor and continues to explore mysteries of the universe. "To the end of life, he never gave any scientific exploration." Pau told Red Star News that he was still studying the possibility of "paradox of black hole information" until his death in Hawking. "

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