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Tencent and Japan collaborate, can they currently recover in the foreign payments market? Love fan

The WeChat payment and the fights of the Alipay country are strong and the foreign payment market is not a bit quiet.

On November 27, Nikkei News announced that Tencent will cooperate with the Japanese instant messaging platform to pay mobile services for small Chinese merchants, with the aim of collecting Chinese riders from tourists. According to the report, the competitors of this collaboration Yahoo Japan and Softbank QR code are "PayPay", which announced the collaboration with Alibaba.

In fact, Apple's NFC payment service is the world leader in mobile payment.

The marketing research company Loup Ventures calculates that Apple Pay has more than 252 million users. The Juniper Research report predicts that by 2020 the number of payment service providers using mobile phones through their mobile phone will be 450 million euros and that Apple Pay will have around 50%.

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Although the user predictions are not trusted, the Apple Pay transaction volume is growing rapidly. On June, Apple announced at a non-profit conference call that Apple Pay now supports more than 30 countries and regions, with over 1 million transactions, and increasing the volume of the transaction by 3 times.

In other words, the first advantage of Apple's mobile phone and its growth boost. Samsung Pay is also a very successful one. This NFC payment is basically paid with a bank card and basically is not a rival to the bank. On the other hand, third-party applications, such as WeChat payment and Alipay, are difficult to cooperate with the bank.

From the market perspective, Alipay has "joined the Chinese Koi" in the past to increase brand awareness and promote "cross-border payment" worldwide. According to Alipay's summer vacation data, countries and regions have access to 40% of mobile landline payments, and the number of airports supporting mobile phone tax refunds has risen to 80.

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WeChat payment design is very close, but the general direction is similar to Alipay. The Xede team is a Chinese tourist and a resident of China, buying foreign exchange for foreigners.

From this point of view, Alipay and WeChat are competitors of payment, but they are also among the brothers and brothers, they have a dilemma of development, that is, it is more difficult to compete with NFC payment, it is very difficult to attract foreigners who use credit card consumption.

Yahoo Japan and Softbank QR code PayPay and Alipay Cooperative Payment Company pay specific payments for PayPay franchises through the Alipay platform.

The platform function is similar to the WeChat Line. The third payment function also has "Line Pay". With the local card, it also has payment and transfer. Tencent hopes to open the payment port at the base of the line and take a step towards overseas payment.

In the middle of December, WeChat began to rent a terminal equipment compatible, and next year a cooperative plan will be launched.

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