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The anti-indigenous president announced that the selected Hu Xiaoming Law is the only reason

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On November 29, he was aware today, President Al Huaba Xiaoming (Famous name Sun Quan) became President of Ant Financial Group and President and CEO Jing Xiandong reported. In the email, Jing Xiandong welcomed Hu Xiaoming's return and said that his return is an important organizational structure of Ant Financial.

Former President Ant King announced that he is the only reason why he is Hu Xiaoming.

(Photo caption: Hu Xiaoming, in October 2016, lectured at the Hangzhou Yunqi Conference).

While most of Alibaba Cloud's outsider can be accessed, Hu Xiaoming's "financial" attribute has always been quite powerful and is also a "veteran" in Ant Financial.

Before joining Alibaba, Hu Xiaoming worked with financial institutions, such as the Chinese Construction Bank and China Everbright Bank, and has extensive experience in business and personal finance, microfinance financing and online credit systems. In 2005, Ali Finance, Al Aliyah, joined Hu Xiaoming, who provided small data and microenterprises to credit services based on data, and then headed the main risk of Ant Financial, the development of Alipay and many businesses headed

It is worth mentioning that Lei has repeatedly learned that Hu Xiaoming had invested in an investment funded on the Internet in Hangzhou during the 2012/2013 season. By positioning adjustment, the investment did not continue.

After making the necessary adaptations, Hu Xiaoming was the veterinarian of the veterinarian at Alibaba Cloud, when he appeared in 2014. According to official data, from 2015 onwards, Alibaba Cloud exceeds the average growth rate by 100%. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, Hu Xiaoming, commented: "The last four years have made significant contributions to the development of Alibaba Cloud in order to integrate Alibaba Cloud's technological sounds and business dreams."

Ant Jinbao said he had become president of Hu Xiaoming, who knew the battlefield and the pitch. Ant Financial is an important leader in the management of cloud computing technology.

Cloud is needed. Cloud computing is the main and most fundamental solution of financial technologies, but not just the cloud, at this stage, with the financing of Fintech's financial institutions, the mere cloud services do not meet the more complex needs.

It is not difficult to get crowded in the 2018 power-powered circuit. The financial industry continues to integrate technology, technology and financial services actively.

Antaren response strategy "BASIC" technology strategy (blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, security, supercomputation …) is proposed by October 2017. It will be fully expanded in September this year and it will also be called "ant". The financial cloud "Ant Gold Service Technology" was updated. Ant Financial has previously stated that Lei Feng's future financial capabilities are not technical or business issues. Business and technology are two aspects of a coin that require digital services and reach capabilities that extend deeply and horizontally from different angles.

For this reason, at this stage, the ants were chosen by Hu Xiaoming, a background of cloud computing and financial composites, and the "technology + companies" were expected to realize the "open cooperation" ecosystem.

It should be noted that this year C-business is also rapidly developing. Alipay recently announced that Alipay has more than 900 million users worldwide. Among users among active home users, 70% of users use 3 or more Alipay. service In addition, at the end of June, Ant Financial Services made a new financing of $ 14 million, with an assessment of more than $ 150 million, with Internet 9 from Internet businesses.

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Former President Ant King announced that he is the only reason why he is Hu Xiaoming.

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