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The approved accounting treatment will be adapted to adapt to the current regulations Market debates "prosecution", "impairment" pros and Cons | accounting |


Original title: The meeting will be the adaptation of the accounting treatment of goods according to the current regulations. Debts on the "Depreciation" and "Loss" market and disadvantages market.

Yang Ping told reporters in Shenzhen

Judicial amortization of beneficiaries

Goodwill was shocked in the debate about accounting treatment in the market, behind which A-shares are a voluntary risk in recent years. Unlike "impaired" impairment of business impairment, depreciation is the opinion of the accounting industry based on the "cautious" principle. Although there is a debate about these pros and cons on the market with regard to the listed companies, if the regulatory policies and accounting standards are not modified, the merger value and mergers and acquisitions will be fairly fair and reasonably judged for fair value merchandising and purchase merchandise they will deal with it. The right path to commercial risk. (Wu Yanling)


Many people suggest that spending R & D and capitalization treatment methods may be used to determine certain conditions. The company believes that the growth of the underlying company's performance is covered by amortization, when it depreciates the repayment. If the effect is triggered by certain conditions, the asset will deteriorate. .

Waste should be repaid or tested? This is a problem.

On January 8, after the "sword and sword" of the market, the official website of the Commission of the Accounting Standards Commission of the Ministry of the Treasury responded to the discussion committee that "the funds should be amortized, not damaged."

The Accounting Regulation Commission has indicated that the opinion of the Advisory Committees on the opinion of the committees on the opinion of the committee of commissions is just a matter of discussion in the relevant documents of the conferences. The most important units and companies should make significant accounting treatment in the fund essentially according to the current requirements. This means that the accounting treatment of today's accounting accounting is that the treatment counted by the companies listed in the contribution is annually endorsed by the end of the trial, to identify fair trial and commercial impairment signs.

As soon as the news came, the business leaders' hearts finally landed, but investors were worried about the deterioration of the upsurge.

For the 2014-2015 "M & A frenzy", the A market trade fund scale has risen. As the game's "period" gradually approached, the operation of underlying assets was not optimistic, and the deterioration of the commodity fund became gray rhinoceroses.

In 2017, Jianrui Wooneng (300116.SZ) reduced the loss of commercial 4.616 billion yuan, the total GEM growth rate declined.

"The companies listed did not take proper responsibility for the restructuring when it comes to risk, the company's first reaction to cover risks, such as maintaining market value, maintaining an operation, etc., loses all risks and eliminates all risks. Everything has been developed, not only its performance has been crashing, but also in the sector and in the sector companies have caused pressure. "On January 6, a large banking investment broker in the South of China expressed in the conversation.

In this context, the accounting accounting committee's accounting accounting accounting is a sharp edge to open the "rough" hidden part of the listed company.

Confirmation of charitable repayments

The decommissioning of the commodity assets of the intangible asset as a fixed asset for 2006 was not discussed in the market for this accounting treatment, especially in the framework of mergers and acquisitions 2014-2015 season, a large commercial reputation of the listed companies. The results are more uncertain.

"Because the commerce fund is a difficult point, there is a lot of room for subjective judgments. The accusation is too radical, market participants may question" performance baths. "After two years of good profits, the market is misleading, there is not enough hidden hidden risks, the crisis When it was triggered, it did not push the market stability. " The investment bank said.

The depreciation of commercial funds has been easier to manage and lessen the "subjective impact" of the "Impact of commerce" on the "subjectivity", "delayed risk delay" and "excessive business impact".

On January 7, a southern Chinese accounting company explored: "Commercial impairment tests, the majority of companies take the income method, that is, to review the equity value of the acquired party and compare the long-term investment cost of the book. Equity value rather than long-term book value If it is greater, it means that there is no deterioration in the merchandise of the fund, among which the company has a high adjustment space and an artificially manipulated profit, which will be replaced by amortization after the amortization accounting policy is formulated.

However, compared with the 21st Century Business Herald Reports Impact Assessment, if the redemption of the merchandise fund is more secure, there is still a big debate in the market.

First of all, it is doubtful whether or not they accept the amortization expenses of repayment expenses. The effect of the repayment method is that the overall income of the companies listed above results in the short term impairment test method or the M & A market's vitality.

Huachuang Securities data show that the current A-share stock's willingness is 1.45 trillion, with an annual repayment amount of 145 million Yuan, according to the 10-year redemption or the 20-year redemption of 72.5 million yuan; and the general A-share of 2017 The impairment of the commercial fund was 36.6 million yuan.

Qin Peijing, the leader of the CITIC Securities Strategy, stated in his research report that the amortization of the fund fund due to impairment effect is that the repayment period is not less than 30 years for a marginal improvement of A-share profits.

The above investment bank also stated: "In principle, I do not accept any change or a temporary provision that provides a high amount of money, but if the fund fund is treated according to the amortization method, the merger activity may be reduced, such as the repayment of the sale with the company. , the higher the drop, the greater the impact that the company's profits might have had over the last 10 years over the past 10 years.

"The depreciation or impairment of merchandise profits is to avoid the performance risks of underlying assets, with a limited impact on profitable companies, to save on depreciation losses, according to the profit scale. The smallest company that wants to make progress in the development of expansions is not easily accessible." On January 8, Hejing Technology (300279.SZ) Dong Xiao Chen noted.

On the other hand, some employers suggest that the repayment model that mergers and acquisitions of listed businesses will be more rational in the medium and long term, as the market is not a bad thing.

On January 8, the CEO of Central Asia listed in an interview said: "Amortization will be directly affected by the year's profits from listed companies. If the real merger that promotes good business development is a real fusion, I believe that the impact is not great, and these are high ratings and the merger of a cashier It is difficult for companies to motivate them. "

Waiting for political lights

However, although the debate on business accounting treatment is still impossible, the creation of repayment proposals has been called for by the company to awaken, especially games, movies, animations, etc. It is a high proportion of the merchandise fund.

According to data winds, at the end of the third quarter, there were 2,070 companies of A-shares with commercial assets, of which 558 companies had ratios of more than 10% of assets, and 149 companies accounted for more than 30% of the assets. The company's merchandise fund accounts for more than 50%, and the company's five wills have more than 60%.

On January 8, Songcheng Performing Arts (300144.SZ), the Securities Department of 21st Century Business Herald, said: "When I heard it again, we are discussing this issue by the company's leaders, but we have already bought active lights that we have previously purchased. The next year will not be an impairment of the negotiations. Although the accounting treatment changes in the future, it will have little impact ".

For companies, the current policy is not clear, depending on the accountability of the post-employment attitude or "business image" listed company.

"Commercial funds, damaged or repayable, must be subject to the latest official documentary layer, which is currently only considered by expert discussions. It is still unreasonable and hypothetical. We can not judge hypothetical issues." Huayi Brothers (3,00027. SZ) the Association of Values ​​stated in the interview.

The executives of the listed company also said: "Waiting for a specific model of the process to wait for the policy, for example, to determine the repayment period, to make the accounting standard a general direction and to make additional accountant proceedings."

At the same time, the listed companies believe that "commercial funds" and "amortization of commercial assets" are two types, which are nowhere more "one or the other" in terms of the market. Conversely, they will be made with the company. In order to make it even more comfortable, it can also serve to resolve risks effectively.

"These two methods of treatment are not good or bad, we may mention the costs and capitalized methods discussed in the list of companies, and we establish certain conditions. The company believes that the target company's growth performance covers amortization, Choose the amortization model, the company's business conditions If it starts, it will make the asset deteriorate, "said Chen Yao.

In the view of Chen Yao, macroeconomics and industrial factors, the profitability of companies does not continue to grow, the underlying assets are better and the long-term fund fund is no problem, but if there is an emergency, the listed company needs the means of covering the risk "target company they can add excess profit sections to take part of the sum without profit breakdowns, to enter into emergency so that the listed company carries the goods fund. "

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