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The Asian Cup 6 final classification team at a glance: 10 teams advance in advance, there are no teams. The Asian Cup, national football, can – sports hackers

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Original title: Asian Cup 6 final standings team, at a glance: 10 teams have advanced in the future, there are no teams

On the afternoon of January 14, Beijing's time, after winning 4-0 in Turkmenistan in Uzbekistan, the second round of the 2019 Asian Cup ended and 10 teams advanced. Additionally, in the Asian Cup expansion, a third-party team with a better team can also qualify, so the team has not yet come out.

Group A, United Arab Emirates 4 points, India and Thailand are 3 points, and Bahrain is 1 point. In the last round, the UAE played against Bahrain against Thailand and India. In theory, 4 teams are expected to qualify, and the UAE is planned. In addition, the third team of the team can go through 16 positions.

Group B, Jordan 6 points, Australia 3 points, Syria and Palestine 1 point. In the final round of the Group Group, Australia vs. Syria, against Palestine Jordan, Jordan has blocked the first team and Australia has won second place.

The C team, the national football team and South Korea are 6 points, Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines are 0 points. The South Korean national team has advanced ahead. In the last round, the direct dialogue between China and South Korea is the first group.

D teams, Iran and Iraq have five points, including Vietnam and Yemen for 0 points. So Iran and Iraq have advanced ahead. In the last round, Iran has won the first Iraqi team.

Within the group E, Qatar was the first Saudi Arabian, both teams scored 6 points and Lebanon and North Korea scored. In the last round, Qatar will be the first team to arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Group F: Uzbekistan and Japan are both 6 points, but the goal is the difference, the Japanese pressures Japan, the first team in the standings, the direct dialogue between two team members, linked to Uzbekistan's first team.

In addition to the two teams, six of the six teams can be drawn. Currently, the top four teams are Thailand (3 points), Syria (1 point), Kyrgyzstan (0 points) and Oman (0 points). That is why, surely, losing two current games, the best round to win, is the perfect option.

10 advance groups advance:

Part A: United Arab Emirates

Group B: Jordan

Groups C: National Soccer, Korea

Part D: Iran, Iraq

Group E: Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Group F: Uzbekistan, Japan

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