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The Chinese Central Committee Communist Party held a conference to celebrate its 120th anniversary of the birth of Liu Shaoqi Lantzia. Xi Jinping gave an important talk – News News News



Communist Party of the Chinese Communist Party calls for the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Liu Shaoqi's nephew


Xi Jinping gave an important speech


Li Keqiang Wang Yang Wang Huning hosted by Li Zheshu attended by Zhao Leji Han Zheng

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 23 November (Chen Fei Reporter) The Communist Party of the Chinese Communist Party celebrated the 120th anniversary of Liu Shaoqi's Loi Shaoqi Liu Shaoqi celebration at the General Assembly Hall on the 23rd. The Secretary General of the CPC Central Committee, the State President and the President of the Xi Jinping Military Commission issued an important conference, whose strong beliefs for communism were inspired by generations and generations of communists and without storms. He gave us the story of the battle. We will fight great in the new starting point, we will build large projects, make great commitments and realize dreams. Liu Shaoqi is the inheritance and development of many other major causes of street and revolutionary age.

Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji and Han Zheng, members of the CPC's Steering Committee for the Steering Committee of the Central Committee, attended the conference. Li Zheshu, member of the Permanent Commission of the Political Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC, was the head of the symposium.

Xi Jinping, in his speech, first observed that this mood is solemnly gathered to commemorate the 120th anniversary of commander Liu Shaoqi, remembering the immortality of the building of the cause of the party and the nation and its national independence and liberation of people, which is remembered by the prosperity of the country. She inherits the wonderful, learned and inheritance of the constant struggle of the people, and builds the people of all nationalities and nationwide in a balanced way to build social welfare, to win the victory of socialism with the great victory and to dream of the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of Chinese nations. Follow the fight.

Xi Jinping has stated that commander Liu Shaoqi is a Marxist, a revolutionary proletarian, politician, theorist, one of the leaders of the party and state and the founder of the People's Republic of China. The most important aspect is the central power station central leadership. members The British Secretary of the Liu Shaoqi street is closely linked to the history of the great struggle between the Chinese people, the Communist Party of China and the Republic of China. He has done in the Chinese revolution and construction, and has made significant achievements in economic, political, military, cultural, educational, diplomatic, and festive achievements. They love the citizens of all ethnicities across the country.

In his speech, Xi Jinping recalled the wonderful life of Liu Shaoqi to dedicate himself to the devastation of the Chinese revolution and construction. The illegal struggle of Liu Shaoqi occupied an important aspect in our history of the party and the history of youth in the Chinese nations. Liu Shaoqi is an excellent example of moral character and noble sentiment, past, present, or future, communist Chinese and Chinese peoples. The name and merit of the commander Liu Shaoqi will always be remembered by the Chinese people.

Xi Jinping has stated that the commander Liu Shaoqi is not heartfelt and forgetting the loyalty to the party. The Communists emphasized that the initial heart was the ideal belief of communism and the eternal loyalty of the cause and cause of the party. There is faith in heart and power. Nowadays, when analyzing commercial Liu Shaoqi, ideas and convictions are the basis for communism survival and stability. Communist's soul policies. Archaeological weapons and excellent ideas of communism unite, with common ideas of socialism. The things that are done are combined, the "four consciences" are strengthened, the "four confidences" are strengthened, the ideas and beliefs of communism adhere to, and the struggle for communism is forever.

Xi Jinping has emphasized that commanding Liu Shaoqi is defending the truth and being an example that truths seek truthfully. Persisting in the emancipation of the mind, defending truths and directing mistakes, the cause and victory of the party are important guarantees for victory. Nowadays, when analyzing Commercial Liu Shaoqi, we must always look for facts from the truth, we have to deal with problems, be prepared to defend truth and correct errors. In this way, we can enter into the party that has always been at the forefront of the Marxist aspect of the party, it has the courage for self-determination, the storm can endure all kinds of storms and is full of vitality and vitality. Marxism in Century China will be revealed. True, more powerful and more convincing.

Xi Jinping has stated that the commanding officer Liu Shaoqi is a brilliant example of showing courage and courage. The Communist must be responsible for transforming society and transforming the world, dare to take responsibility and face difficulties. Nowadays, when we investigate commercial Liu Shaoqi, we must defend the principle of the party as soon as possible, the cause of the party first and the interests of the people first. In the face of both sides, the courage is not to illuminate the sword, face contradictions and face difficulties, to face the crisis and attract courage. In the face of mistakes, I venture to take responsibility, and you dare fight with respect to evil spirits. Each member of the Communist Party must assume a mission statement and assume responsibility for its responsibility, comply with the demands of the time, match the conditions of practice, match people's demands, create creative work, and unfulfill the party's line, principles and policies.

Xi Jinping has stressed that commanding Liu Shaoqi is a brilliant example of learning, knowing and doing. Attention to learners is a successful part of our experience to promote the cause. Today, when we learn commercial Liu Shaoqi, we will learn from the wind and learn to learn and create bold practices throughout the party, building a political party focused on Marxist learning and encouraging the construction of a large country of learning. Learning skills are the first skills that must be leaders in careers. At the same time, the skills learned in practical work have to be applied and they seek to unite, acquire knowledge and promote and seek knowledge.

Xi Jinping has stated that being a brilliant example of Liu Shaoqi street people is being honest and sincere. Every Communist Party, the highest position, is the public servant. Nowadays, when we investigate commercial Liu Shaoqi, we must always have people's attitude, put people in the highest position of the heart, always have the primary responsibility for people who maintain their relationship with flesh and blood and people's happiness. All aspects of the parties should always take into account that our power is given between the party and the people and is used to carry out feasts and people. It can only be used to pay attention to the party, at the service of the people and the public. Be anguish, talkative and stop, not as a private privilege, do not use personal power, and loyal and clear.

During the speech of Li Zhanshu, the chief secretary of Xi Jinping, who reviewed the excellent and glorious life of the commanding officer, Liu Shaoqi, praised Liu Shaoqi's great enthusiasm for the street, and called on all the people around the country to study Liu Shaoqi's moral and spiritual moral commander. The conference is of great importance under the direction of our party, in order to continue to advance the older generations of revolutionaries, such as commander Liu Shaoqi, and to develop and develop socialist characteristics in the new era. We need to investigate, comprehensively understand and effectively use the important spiritual word of Xi Jinping Secretary General. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism, along with Chinese character, we will join the Central Committee of the Party with the commander of Xi Jinping and the decisive victory for building social welfare. We are trying to win the great victory of socialism in the new era and realize the dream of the great rejuvenations of Chinese nations.

During the conference, Leng Rong, Dean of the Institute of the Central and Historical Research Institute of the Party, Yang Zhenwu, the Permanent Commission Permanent Commission, Miao Hua, the Central Military Commission, the Director of the Political Labor Department of the Central Military Commission and the Secretary of the Provincial Council of Du Jiamu Hunan spoke.

The National Commission of the National People's Republic of China, the National Commission of the National Commission of the People's Republic of China, the Political Consultative Committee, the military committees, the Central Departments of the Central Government and the Central Government, head of the Beijing Municipal Council of the Hunan Province, Liu Shaoqi, former friends, former staff and Hometown Delegates attended the symposium.

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