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The Chinese Football Federation wants to set limits on players' compensation. What do you think? – Pan and Lin Economic Watch – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-27 00:31:40 Source: Pan and Lin Economic Watch

Original title: The Chinese Football Federation establishes the limitations of player compensation.

For Chinese football professionals, big-handed, cost-free registrations can become a history. Xinhua News Agency announced that 20 years ago the introduction of the "Rules of the Basics of the Chinese Football Federation Professional Clubs" (hereinafter "Procedures") and the financial indicators of the professional career 2019-2021 (hereinafter "indicators"), "investment financing" Cap "" pay bomb "" bonus cap "" transfer cap "". According to the football industry, the movement is geared towards blind investing in professional clubs, "price transfer fees" and many players are billed, "yin and yang contracts" have been signed, without paying taxes or renting.

Money makes it possible for the industry to become a caregiver and develop fast. However, civil capital reduces civil capital. Football players' pay is quite high in our country. Although they are far from the main international stars, the strength is not comparable, which means that pay is not the same as their ability.

This is the top-of-the-line hot talk. The court does not have the highest salaries, but they do not have the effort and strength that do not combine wages. In addition, the Chinese player's salaries are recognized internationally, so many players have chosen China as an outsider. Indeed, the strength of many foreign aid is greater than that of local Chinese agents, capital-sponsored groups, using high salaries to attract external aid, and then improve team reputation and record visibility, but in China we find local players are not trained and Because the coach loves external support, they have lost many opportunities, because the development of football in China is not good.

In order to make it meaningful, it will be better than agreeing to investing in young people's training funds, training the reserve forces and building a star, which is real and repeated, and is really improving Chinese football. methodGo back to Sohuera and see more

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