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Condensation is one of the largest common divisors

The new year has just arrived. Many Chinese, the first "envelope", is the first personal income tax. As of January 1, 2019, the new law of tax law was established directly. The taxpayer may have more tax cuts on eight additional deductions, considering the monthly limit of 5,000 yuan. . The whole reform is in line with public opinion, it is important to take into account the differences between people and the fairness of the tax system. The formal application of this new regulation is the most important part of China's new tax reform, and has also released a major reform reform.

It's not easy to do this critical step. In 1980, Personal Income Tax Law was established and passed seven major assessments. Much of the content of this review is called "basic reform". For example, this tax section has been adjusted several times: 800 million yuan per month in 2005 and 1600 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan later; 5,000 yuan recovery method. This means that the proportion of personal income taxpayers of urban employment will be reduced by 44% before reporting 15%. In addition, the standard of 5,000 yuan has not been solved. In the future, it will be dynamically adjusted based on changes in the cost of basic consumption of urban residents.

For example, the first special additional deductions are: children's education, ongoing training, major treatment of illnesses, housing interests or housing rental expenses and elderly maintenance due to people's interests. In order to guarantee the reform of Huimin, the financial and tax departments have investigated and discussed before formulating the measures, asking for public opinion and absorbing public opinion. Reform also has a lower tax rate, so taxpayers can have a different rate at different levels, especially for middle-income groups. Individual fiscal reform can be said at this time, that each ordinary person is participant, witness and promoter, condensed the most common denominator and draws the largest concentric circle.

It is the introduction of a tax renewal key. It's not easy to manage new things effectively and do things right. Personal income is a change in tax law change and the implementation of a special supplementary deduction is a new attempt. For taxpayers, retention agents and taxpayers, special deductions are a new thing. It puts the most significant "sensation of crossing the river" in the most important aspects. In order to ensure a new tax system, tax authorities have done a great deal of system innovation training, such as policy training, sharing of department information, collaboration management and tax credit application. The relevant departments may continue to increase business orientation and publicity policy, and have more specific and more comprehensive policies, following the implementation of the new law.

Most of the taxpayers are important for consolidating learning. It is necessary to understand the new fiscal policy as soon as possible and to clarify the operation of the self-declaration to enjoy the tax reduction bonus. At the same time, it's true. The new rules on tax law enforcement and the special tax deduction of special taxes on taxation clearly state that taxpayers and detaining agents must keep relevant information on specific deductions that are consistent with the regulations, as the tax authorities make spot checks. That is to say, if the taxpayers falsely falsify and inform the personal information falsely, the consequences will be very serious and the corresponding departments will treat them according to the law, incorporate them into the personal credit information system and establish a joint penalty.

Tax, starting point and inheritance tax reforms are for the public, so the reform must be followed by the lifestyle of the people and public opinion. At the same time, it should be emphasized that in order to pay a tax, it is essential that everyone has a different appeal. This is normal. According to current Chinese conditions and restrictions, according to the conditions of collection and management, this tax reform is not for everyone. How to make the tax system fair? It is essential that this reform be condensed to the largest common denominator and that it meets the fair requirements that most of the taxpayers demand. While we continue to comply with this standard, the next step towards fiscal reform will be improved and deepened, and we will be able to respond to people's expectations and meet better lives. (Peng Xunwen)

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