Monday , October 18 2021

The critic has postponed US $ 1.48 billion in Jia Yueting and four luxury homes were frozen –


  1. The creditors went to US $ 1.48 billion in Jia Yueting, and 4 luxury homes were frozen.
  2. "Lao Lai" Jia Yueting 36kr of the US can not confuse
  3. Jia Yueting California luxury homes and FF shares were frozen in US courts
  4. Jia Yueting makes an investment of 1.48 million dollars, and 4 luxury houses are frozen.
  5. Jia Yueting stunned: FF shares and luxury houses US courts were frozen – Jia Yueting, Faraday, FF91, – Fast Technology (original home driver) – Technology changes the future
  6. See the whole story of Google News
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