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The end of the Mero era? The magic flute is just a passage. Next year, two people still need to be activated – Football Forum Europe and America – Hanfeng Net


2018-12-06 07:04:18 Source: Football in Europe and the United States

Original title: The end of the Mero era? Magic Flute is just a passage.

As a world footballer, Modric won the Golden Globe this year. The best personal awards of 2018 were almost changed in Modric. Modric also Messi and broke them. C Ronaldo, for ten years, the Golden Globe Prize monopoly. In today's football there are many players that are not Messi and Cristiano Rodriguez. Modric maintains this ability. This year's competition has also been welcomed, but Mero will not end next year. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo still have two men.

Modric wins the Golden Globe Award. This year it can be worth the performance. In Modric, Real Madrid or the Croatian national team, it is a vital midfielder of the team. In the end, Modric won Real Madrid three times in the Champions League. Modric wins the World Cup and takes it to the Croatian semi-finals this summer. Modric was also the Russian World Cup.

Modric will take part in this year's competition, especially the World Cup, and this year he has been paying attention to the world's footballer. This summer, when the World Cup finals, Modric's Golden Globe Award is very high. In addition, Real Madrid's position and role has led Modric's career to new heights, considering that Messi and C Ronaldo have the monopoly in the Golden Globe. In the end, Modric returned to the world and won World Footballers and the Golden Globe Awards this year.

However, since the start of the new season, the situation of Modric was not good, and Real Madrid and Croatia did not play in the second half, and at the beginning of the season, the record in Real Madrid dropped rapidly, the original coach Luo Petgie was shot. The Croatian team won against the European champion in Europe, and the World Cup champion fell down in a serious situation. For that reason, many fans did not feel happy with the Golden Globe Prize in Modric, because the situation remained unchanged and the group continued to be clear-cut.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to show their true character. After going to Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus, he maintains a more efficient goal. He has now scored 10 goals in Serie A and is currently linked. Messi won the 9th goal of the victor's top scorer in the season, with 6 goals in the league winning the first 6 goals. In fact, in the decades of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is the reason for regulating the world of football, especially in order to keep the peak in place. Continuity is beyond the reach of other superstars. In the last 10 years, teams from the national team of Messi and C Ronaldo have scored over 40 and 40 year-old scorers and have broken all anti-day record types. Capability is amazing.

In addition, the honors obtained by both teams are also very conventional. Ronaldo Ronaldo was four times in a row in Real Madrid and was defeated in Real Madrid in the last season. He won three champions' matches, when Portugal's 2016 team reached Europe's highest level. Messi did not give up, Barcelona won four times to win the league title, winning the ninth time, winning the best 5 times in La Liga and winning five times better in the UEFA Champions League, Messi did not take it to a national level. I have had any championship, but in 2014 World Cup, Messi went to Argentina and overtook Hercules Cup.

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