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The first year of science fiction films must be considered as the basis of science – Land, Liu Cixin, this film, practical action, good-natured – Science and Technology Day

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Wang Zhong

"In a certain sense, the public who accept science fiction jobs also represents a level of literacy in social sciences, the hope and intentions of the future of science and technology and the natural evolution of today's scientific innovation. Local cinematographic science fiction is one of the first Chinese film sciences They will be discussed at the end of the year. Without a doubt, that year it is better to take every step and act decisively to promote the development of local science fiction ".

The science fiction "The Wandering Earth" has not yet been released, nor has it sparked a lively debate within the public domain. Some scientists were confronted by the fact that the film overcame expectations and was highly recommended in social networks. In the Spring Festival at the box office, "Wandering the land" wants to become a dark horse.

Science fiction literature and film and television, as a single category in the field of artistic creation, have been paying more attention in recent years. Unlike fictional literary works, the imagination of science fiction is based on real science. Many of the pre-eminent sciences have been checked repeatedly: human beings have fantasies of science, then inventions and creations. Science fiction works are often prophecies of the future.

Liu Cixin's "Earth Shaking", edited by the same fictional science novel, tells the story of sun destroying a new human being and building giant rays of earth's surface. Although the background of this story has alarm alarms, it's not forever. Sun is not just a star of its own life cycle, but the earth is the same in the universe, and it is possible to deal with many destructive blows from different spaces. The importance of science fiction reminds us of deep proposals and future thinking about human beings.

It must be acknowledged that the overall level of science fiction development in China must be improved compared to the advanced international level. For a long time, home-grown science writers have imagination, but excluding the scientific side. Science fiction is more literary, but it lacks a scientific level. In recent years, Liu Cixin, Hao Jingfang and other science-fiction national writers have received international awards. This means that local science fiction literature has coincided with the largest science-fiction country.

Science-fiction literature and science fiction film and television are also a country's cultural soft power. In the Hollywood blockbusters, science fiction films are not an important category to consider. Film cycles with the classification of global boxes, "Avatar" and "Jurassic World" have scientific attributes and "Interstellar Crossing" "Hardcore" science fiction films, such as Gravity, are also welcome in the global market.

They have higher science-fiction movies and television production and television production capabilities. Those who do not work very well with the film-fiction band, the main reason being that they are weakening the development of cinema television, are foreigners who come to the ground and who are facing foreigners. . Nowadays home cinema and television industry is gradually moving closer to advanced world levels, and is increasingly learning from what is happening in developing countries and global cooperation. This has created some conditions for producing hardcore science fiction films, such as "Wandering Earth."

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