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The "Health" market has managed to repair the chaos of 8.4 million losses false propaganda | health | When Jian _ Sina News

Original title: The "health" market has managed to solve the chaos of good results. On the other hand, 300 cases were reported to recover 8.4 million losses.

▲ On January 8, 2019, the managers of the Marketing and Marketing Offices at the Huaihai Market Supervisory and Management Office inspected the provinces of Anhui, surrounding pharmacies and health products. Eastern IC map▲ On January 8, 2019, the managers of the Marketing and Marketing Offices at the Huaihai Market Supervisory and Management Office inspected the provinces of Anhui, surrounding pharmacies and health products. Eastern IC map

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Every magazine in Zhou Chengcheng

"Take the" tumor "to metabolize the rubbish in the body" "Materia Medica Health Tang Chinese medicine secretive professional prescription … prostate, dysmenorrhea, cold mansion, infertility and other immediate symptoms" …

They are advertisements advertised by Kuadrilla dealers and are, in some places, advertisements. A 100-day operation of the Exceptional Market Corrections has been investigated in 13 categories.

When with Jian, on January 30, the General Market Supervision Administration unified the media campaign in the "health" market chaos mediation, and announced 14 cases of sale sales and other forms of false propaganda and false advertising. When violating the relevant regulations for healthy foods, in the name of "health", illegal activities such as illegal advertising and pyramid distributors of direct sellers.

Most of the illegal subjects "in a profound way"

On January 8, 13 departments, together with the General Market Supervision Department, organized a televised conference to correct the chaos of "health" marketing, and officially launched "100-day operations". Currently, "100-day operation" has not been completed for a month, but it has achieved good results.

According to statistical data, "Hundred Days of Work", more than 54,000 people have been inspected and inspected throughout the country, with more than 4,200 people, including communities, parks and squares. More than 2,600 places of accommodation and hotels were visited, and more than 16,000 "health care shops" were inspected, with more than 2,500 sites, such as tourist attractions, rural villages, rural markets and urban areas. In more than 1300 times, more than 3,000 advertising activities, almost 400 collaborative executions, more than 1,100 complaints and claims from consumers, economic losses of more than 840 million yuan, more than 300 false networks and direct and closed websites and APPs. More than 130 public accounts, with more than 300 cases, more than 45 million yuan.

In the case of local cases and case studies, illegal offenses, such as false propaganda, fake advertisements, food security, as well as pyramid schemes have occurred occasionally.

The aforementioned chief responsible has stated that most of the illegal subjects use health talks, free clinics, and sales of fake or misleading advertisements and advertising for "elderly people" and specific "health care" ancillary services. Function, disease prevention or treatment function, etc., to promote products known as "Health" functions.

Given the characteristics of the illegal subject, the aforementioned head of the law said that most illegal readers have "deep roads" and strong anti-violence abilities. For example, managers will be sold before the operation (5 to 8) and the sales will be hidden and false. The majority of oral voices are a difficult solution to prove illegal behavior. Modes like conference sales tend to develop in the pyramid plans. In sales process, such as brainwashing, offline development, fake sales and wealth accumulation develop. Although merchandise trade sales are on the surface, the value of commodities is very small or the merchandise reflects the laws. guise

Group companies with direct interviewing

Among the 14 typical cases, two are related to Quan Jian.

For example, at the Quanjian Natural Medicine Rehabilitation Center in Shaya County, Xinjiang's false advertising, the parties are in the storefront of Quanjian Company, especially in food health, sanitation, cosmetic sales, beauty and health.

Shaya County Market Supervisory Department officials have two umbrellas and three Chinese healthcare product leaflets, health care food health forms "anti-cancer drug + gas consumption + gas" dual-blood supplements "tumors" metabolize the body's rubbish "and" prevention of cardiovascular disease and treatment, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect within 72 hours, detoxification from 3 kg to 25 kg, special detoxifying products … "and other foods may be fake advertising, such as diseases.

The corresponding departments believe that during business operations, parties are announcing that their assets fulfill the function of "treating and preventing illnesses" due to false false propaganda. In accordance with the provisions of article 20 of the Anti-Fraud Act, the parties must stop illegal acts. And 20,000 yuan.

In response to the chaos of the direct retail industry, the most important departments have steadily boosted supervision. On January 29, the General Administration of Commerce Infrastructures and the Ministry of Commerce talked together about the meeting of 91 direct sales companies that had to combine their real conditions with direct sales companies and make the chaos of the "chaos" of the market's chaos a hundred days, according to product demand . Sales, after-sales service, internal management and other aspects of the in-depth study of the gaps, correct existing problems, view results and complete compliance with law and integrity. For companies that are not efficiently effective, the effects are not obvious, and the problems are quite concentrated, government regulations are based on occasional conversations and take appropriate measures to punish them. The aforementioned manager has said that market supervision and other departments will pay more attention to "health" merchandising activities for communities, parks, plazas and other areas, focusing on "health" stores in older people and patients and incorporating into the "whistle people" system. And rewards the mechanism of the invention, such as the marketing of sales methods, the composition, performance and false product function, investigating the false behavior of advertising. If you want to sell people's "health" supply for sale, it's actually the development of off-peak offshore pyramids, a good job in the department, and transfer by law.

Director: Zhang Yiling

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