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The individual tax application featured a special function deduction function yesterday


A special tax deduction function was launched to implement the tax application

The available budget records may be available for electronic tax electronic payment and electronic tax return

Yesterday, additional information on the Personal Income Tax information developed by the State Tax Administration was made yesterday. The main function of reporting additional information on taxpayers is open to the public. The Beijing Youth Gazette's Official Journal learned that taxpayers might "fill personal income", fill the Internet WEB, retention client, and personal deduction for the personal debit of the mobile room. Previously, the "Personal Income Tax" AP application was available for download in small app stores, but the "Special Density Add-on" module has not been opened.

The "Personal Income Tax" application also offers electronic tax payment and electronic tax refunds. At the same time, taxpayers can also consult other information that they manage to collect information, notify them, tax payments, tax refunds, and mobile phones, equivalent to a "electronic tax" document that transports them.

Preparation 1

A face recognition statement is required

Identification card of residents

According to Beiqing Daily's reporter, most of the application stores are already downloading the "personal income tax" application, while the volume of downloads of various tax applications has increased. However, users should remind us that the introduction of the "personal tax" application of the public tax authorities. Additionally, there are many "tax aiders" for commercial development, which must be identified before downloading the user. For tax information due to personal privacy and real estate security, users should be careful not to perceive arbitrarily personal information with an untrusted APP, to avoid a security risk.

Beiqing Daily Reporter was quite successful in downloading the "Personal Income Tax" application. However, some mobile phone systems are now an "unknown source" and an additional statement must be installed properly.

Users must be registered before using the "Personal Income Tax" application. There are two ways to register: hall registration code registration and face recognition authentication registration. In the registration method of the registration code, you must obtain a registration code in the encryption of the valid ID, and then you can complete the API registration. The registration of the face recognition must be used by taxpayers to have a resident identification card. After filling in the ID number and the name, you can make a face comparison.

After signing up, the user must also improve personal information including basic information and enjoyment offerings. It should be noted that the priority information established here is not to mention special additional deductive information, limited only to three tax incentives, "strength" and "old age" incentives. After completing the personal information, the unit information will automatically be generated in the "employment information" column, the name of the unit, the taxpayer identification number and the employment date.

Preparation 2

Complete additional information before completing an additional supplemental removal

Yesterday, the "Additional Deductions Additional Information Function Function" is undoubtedly the most notable APL "Personal Income Tax". "Extra special tax information" includes modules for children's education, ongoing training, primary medical care, housing interests, housing rentals and special deductions. It should be remembered that, because the module requires the user to fulfill some important information, it is better for the user to prepare the correct information before delivering the report, to delay the execution time.

"Special additional deduction for children's education" means that the education of children's information must be prior to the report: the stage of education, the time of education, etc., including the identification number of the child and spouse, and the possibility of choosing it as a retention tax on personal retention. Full name of the debtor and a consolidated social credit code.

For "Special Induction Special Deduction", you must include the degree of education prior to the education report: stage of education, time of entry, graduation time, professional qualification, ongoing training information: type of education, time of certification, certificate name, certificate number, issuing authority. Users can also choose the full name of the attached agents and a social credit code that retain their tax revenues beforehand.

In order to make a "special additional deduction for deduction of housing loans", proof of ownership must be submitted before: real estate certificate, real estate registration certificate, commercial property sale contract, pre-sale contract, loan contract, must be met by the loan contract. Users can also choose the full name of the attached agents and a social credit code that retain their tax revenues beforehand.

To get a "special additional reduction in house rentals", you need to prepare housing information before completing the report: contract number, rental address, rental information, main city of work (city filling). Users can also choose the full name of the attached agents and a social credit code that retain their tax revenues beforehand.

In order to make a special deduction for extra adult care, it is necessary to prepare the dependent information before the report: identity card information, including the date of birth (dependent persons must be 60 years of age or older); ordinary support information: identity card information, date of birth, if only one child, the item must not be filled. Users can also choose the full name of the attached agents and a social credit code that retain their tax revenues beforehand.

The "special deduction for the medical treatment of major illnesses" is not required today, but rather until the taxpayer waits until the liquidation settles down. However, the project has already been announced to prepare the information. The content of the report includes information about the patient: information about the medical expenses incurred by the person, the spouse, the minor children and the patient's documentation. The total amount of the personal burden and the total amount of medical expenses must be paid according to the required medical credentials.

Preparation 3

The original information must be kept for long-term inspections.

It is important to remind yourself that important information will be stored permanently after the shipment will be stored, the original authors of these materials must be kept for a long time and must be prepared for inspection. In this regard, the interested party of the General Tax Administration Department explained that the new "additional supplementary tax" in the new tax regulations is carried out through self-declaration. This new tax policy will establish a new tax collection and management model based on the presumption of integrity. Tax authorities, retention agents and taxpayers have new explorations and new attempts.

"In this process, it will inevitably be the case where taxpayers use false exceptions". In this regard, the People's Bureau of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Beijing said that he was interviewed by the journalist Beiqing Daily, who will accept the following verification method for the future tax authorities. Reducing the tax rescue problem. For this reason, taxpayers do not have to provide the corresponding tax documents, a special deduction tax deduction, but if the tax department needs to check it out, taxpayers may attach documents attached to the future reference.

Preparation 4

This last bonus was not included

Comprehensive Income Tax

With the change in the old and new political taxes of January 1, 2019, many people have become capable of knowing how to calculate the sum of the 2018 bonus end of 2019. In this regard, the Ministry of the Treasury and the Tax Administration State Taxation have published a "Note on the Policy Preferences Link" after reviewing Personal Income Tax Law. For this reason, the issue of compatibility with priority policies was clarified, for example, the year-round bonus. The notification is clear before the end of December 31, 2021, individual residents will receive a bonus throughout the year, not be eligible for annual revenues. Yearly bond revenues will be available in twelve months, depending on the monthly rate of tax included in the ad. Determine the rate and deduction of the tax quickly and calculate the separate tax. However, as of January 1, 2022, this portion of revenue should be included in the annual income tax to calculate and pay the tax base.

According to Beiqing Daily, the Beijing 12366 Tax Center, despite the fact that it is on holiday, the number of tax consultants has increased considerably recently, and the proportion of tax contracts has increased from 10% to 30%. Most advisors are taxpayers. According to the head of the 12366 Tax Center of Peking, current taxpayers are concerned about concerns about age, wages, and deduction policies, as well as specific deductive operating methods. (Rapporteur Zhang Qin)

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