Monday , May 16 2022

The InSight detector began to "explore" the surrounding environment and broke the Earth's energy record of Mars's sun


The InSight detector, which was running for about a week ago, has begun to "explore" its environment. Unlike in front of its columns, InSight is a fixed point, so it does not start to start somewhere else, but to understand where you are. InSight's critical approach to close environment is critical, because its seismometers and groundwater devices are repaired and will not move across the entire mission, once the scientists first underground the Aztertu and the soil well, and choose the "hand-picking" location.

Mart InSight's main job is to open two solar panels. Fortunately, InSight's landing area only has around 4 inclines, although scientists chose a fairly flat place to land aerodynamic planes, but they would fall to the ground. Along with the stone, it is still luck. If you bend more than 15 degrees, InSightk will have the sun panel and it will be difficult for scientists to find other remedies. The two solar panels obtained a total of 4,588 electricity on the first day, as they passed the previous Mars detector counterparts. In fact, the curiosity of the nuclear decay of senses has only 2,500 days of departure, almost 2,500. was it

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