Tuesday , January 18 2022

The key to cancer / blockchain / big data is the key to scientists over the past year – Top 10 Top Ten – cnBeta.COM


Of course, the coldest classifications of scientists around the world have been published in the past year. There are three "cancer", "blockchain" and "large data", and the fourth is AI. Statistics Scopus, the world's largest database of abstract and citations, includes thousands of magazines and literature worldwide.

According to statistics, the term "cancer" was the highest scientist search for two consecutive years. "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) and "Blockchain" have been talked with more attention.


In the 2017 list, AI rose to fourth position in the 13th and 2018 games. In the heat of the ranking of the 2017 ranking, "graphene", "stress" and "obesity" were classified as highs, and in the last year the volume of search dropped significantly, falling from ten.

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