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The "King of the Sea" was released with seven points to see the "fast" experience under the sea – China Daily


Warner Bros. The new DC film "The Sea King" produced by Pictures was released today. At the same time, hit the movie "Deep Sea Wonders", Atlantis has a magnificent panoramic world.

An excellent underwater "Avatar" design

Since it is the first movie on underwater superheroes, Sea King's main challenge is to showcase a wonderful underwater world. For this purpose, the use of multiple studios, more than 50 scenes, and advanced blue screen shots, includes an excellent exhibition of Atlantis underwater palace, space, warship and many other beautiful scenes. Ancient Roman style architecture and digital science fiction, seven ethnic Atlantis, fresh water aquarium, fisherman, Zebel, Haigou, fugitive, lost, etc., Neptune, War Shark, Battle Sea Horse, Transport Whale. Sea creatures, for example, are giant sea monsters, octopus and jellyfish for audience audiences.

At the same time, because 80% of the content of the movies are underwater, each underwater lens requires a tough digital color, you need to add one bubble effect and then use the digital characters that are moving under the frame frame then use computer-controlled lighting and moving lenses at sea They create an atmosphere below.

Hard fighting shows the "speed" of the bottom

The action against the blood scene is another great weapon "Sea King". Wen Ziren Director, "Speed ​​and 7 Passion", directed "great screens" on the big screen. In the battle against Queen Atlanta, after the first submarine war in the Sea, the war-torn army escaped from Haiwang and the last battle of the war, horses and millions of the Siege of Haigou. The star also approved high intensity training for four months, Saturday and Saturday, and learned judo, Jiu Jitsu and martial arts skills, and finally, it was a pleasant and hard event.

Wen Ziren's great contribution

Wen Ziren participated in the series "Saws of the Chainsaw", "The Soul" series, "Sisters" and other horror masterpieces. Likewise, a huge commercial system has been introduced and the world of "Speed ​​and Passion 7" has been immersed. Controlling the timing of the film by Wen Z and the use of the latest language in the entertainment scene, this style was recorded in the DC universe, and finally finished the movie.

"Mountains and tsunamis" were amazed

The chemical reaction between Neptune and Jura is astonished and emphasizes the emotional story of mutual interaction. Nicole Kidman, who plays brave Queen Atlanta, has always been a feminine and elegant woman.

The two villains of the movie, Neptune's brother half brothers and black blankets, also suffer abuse. They will create an ally of the battle and launch an epic battle with the king of the sea. Among them, Aum's actor Patrick Wilson is also the actress of Wen Ziren and the "Soul of the Spirit" series.

Super battle armor rebuilding an underwater superhero

The film's setting is a great proof of fashion design. How cool a suit is designed to become an aesthetic and practical, and an underwater environment is a problem. More than 2,500 materials have been used by the design teams. Among them is the classic Neptune gold armor, which only uses 3D printing technology, as well as various production teams. In addition, the Jura clothing has dark green greens, Aum's light armor mirrors, helmets restoring black gods, underwater warlike lighting equipment, etc. They have their own features, they will be released on the big screen.

China leads to the first book in the world

The "Sea King" is also the last point, that is, the strongest time in the world. The date on which the film was released on December 7 was not as fast as it was in the world, but it was more than two weeks in North America. Warner Bros. Pictures, Wen Ziren Director, Jason Moma ("Justice League"), Amber Heard ("Justice League"), Patrick Wilson ("The Soul"), Nicole Kidman ("Time"), William Dafu ("Spider Man 2") , Yahya Abdul-Mai Ding (Net Fei "Juvenile" Hip Hop Dream) and other stars.

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