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From the 14th of December onwards, the last stage of the concert, "My Neighbor Totoro", finally announced the latest trailer of the film.of

In this extension of thirty minutes, it's not just the classic Xiaomei younger sisters and turtles when they appeared. Miyazaki's brush came back to the real beauty of the country, and when she wrote her true sister's feelings to her mother. In the mysterious Zoro tree, Dora's attempts and Totoro Bus, always in emergency situations, and Hisaishi, can happily fill the happy crowds of people.

"Totoro in my neighborhood" is only one of 70,000 viewers in the cat-eye film that sells the seller, but at the front desk at Weibo's top-notch list and on the first day of Hot Baidu search. , other main works that will be displayed.

The star of the film itself

The note is the classic passage of a mischievous and intense annoyance of Xiaomi's first Mian Mengen cat. The vineyards are very green, like the mysterious tree of the fairy tale. Xiaomei Totoro crosses the soft abdomen and furry, and the warmth of the heart is wonderful. Along with the clear and dynamic soundtrack of Hisaishi, trucks traveled through green areas of Japan and opened a gold road. Olives' forests and beautiful rivers were full of three images. When her sister Xiaoyu's love story comes to her mother, they are just memories of children's only films. It is small at the Chinchilla rain station and the image of the Chinchilla buses is fast moving away by pressing memories.

Warm Heart Totoro offers Exposure to Ghibli for True Love Powder

As a classic animated film of the history, "My Neighbor Totoro" is not just one of the most important works of Miyazaki's conducting career, but also the creation of Ghibli Studio. The film production process was difficult and investment was great, after the release of Ghibli, he made operational difficulties. However, due to the warm and delicate emotional story of "My Neighbor Totoro" and the unique and fresh style of the film, the film "The Movie" and film XIII. He won important Anniversary awards and attracted puppet production. Ghibli, a business partner, produced a peripheral product based on Totoron and sold it worldwide, apart from making Ghibli lying and drawing animated films. Totoro Furry and the young man have become the official image of Ghibli.

"My Neighbor Totoro" will be released on December 14.

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