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The Municipal Communist Party Theory Course Center for the Study Center for the Reformation and the Opening of the 40th Anniversary of the Spirit


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Publication date: 2018-12-20 17:50
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On December 19, the City Council commissioned a theoretical research center for a group study workshop, a special study to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and openness, mobilizing the whole city without forgetting its initial heart, reminiscent of the mission, complete reform and open it to the end, The Five-Year Third Plan aims to build and share the quality of Haining and work together to create a high quality standard. Cao Guoliang, the Deputy Secretary of the City Council and the mayor, held a meeting for the study. The leaders of the municipal leaders Yao Minzhong and Zhou Hongxia met.

During the conference, all participants attended an important conference by the Secretary-General of the United States, Jin Xi, during the celebration of the anniversary of the reform and opening; The city's leaders and towns (streets) and representative delegates exchanged talks.

The meeting emphasized the importance of understanding and understanding the importance of the conference by the Secretary General of Xi Jinping in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening of the "consciousnesses" and "two maintenance" practices for the "consciousnesses" and "reforms and openings". Great revolution: explore the path of progress and development of human civilization.

We need to understand the deep decompositions of the earth's back deck that make the reform and open it to Haining. After 40 years, 40 years of exploration and persecution, reform and innovation, unity and the development of Haining. Haining Construction is 40 years old with "Mechanism, Industry, People and Ecology." Over the past 40 years, reform and openness have emphasized that Haining has been "economic development", "reform and innovation", "cooperation and openness", "civilized quality" and "commercial entrepreneurship". The achievement of these achievements is, ultimately, a result of the strong leadership of the Central Committee, the result of reform and openness, the result of the emancipation of the mind and the result of hard work. We have to understand and understand the great achievements of 40 years, understand and open the reform fund and reform, support reform and reform.

We must emphasize the meeting that we must make efforts to reform and open the waves. Reform and dissemination have been carried out by Haining today, and Haining's future is still undergoing a reform and openness. We must act immediately, we must continue the construction of an international city, build a new Hanghai city, expand the platform and improve the quality of the overall plan. To promote the repair and urban correction of "deep improvement" of the total soil, to achieve the full domain Quality and intelligence, quality of life and quality services to achieve full development.

It is necessary to complete an important word of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, to deepen the empowerment of the intelligence and increase reform and openness. It must be integrated into the school, deeply studying the understanding of society and the need for reform, openness and emancipation of the whole society. The spirit must be given, and the continuous transformation of the results of the emancipation of ideas must be transformed constantly to promote reform. An open and conscious action: we must combine real work without taking on reform and openness, without forgetting the initial heart, taking on the role and promoting high quality Haining at the forefront.

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