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The municipal government has spent 16 years with a meal fee that can not ignore the old accounts of the new official –


The municipal government must pay a meal fee for 16 years.

As a department of government, we must try our best to pay debts and become the "old Lai", as well as the image of the government.

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"The cellar has been closed for 16 years, but the municipality of 30,000 yuan of meals for the government of dinner was not given. I do not know when it will be." Yangshu Township, Luochuan County, Shaanxi Province (Renewed in 2015), Yang Shu Trade Service Center) Those who are left out of expenses for lunch, Wan San is 66 years old with heart and soul, "I do not know if I can still continue in my life" ("Hua Shang Bao "December 19th"

In the administrative reform, municipalities and towns joined together, and the original city government became a center of modern comfort services. Credits and debts did not change due to changes in appointments and staff. The current leader acknowledges this and is a good attitude. But paying money without paying the bill is not such a "new officer excluding old accounts." As a department of government, we must try our best to pay debts and become the "old Lai", as well as the image of the government.

When the clothing store operator requested a forensic service center, this department was included in the list of enforced executives, because the debt obligations were not fulfilled, it was actually recognized as "Lao Lai" at the legal level and could be called "financial power". Suitable, can not I charge? "

The differences between the "official Lai" and the other "Lai Lai" are already dragging public interest. For example, the convenience services center and the associated boxes are "blacklisted", such as travel and their impact and loss. Public service level is included.

Previously, a court of the people was advised that the local Disciplinary Inspection Committee issued a legal proposal and recommended that the case of the head of the Department of "Guan Lai" and the government discipline be investigated according to law. Some departments, for example, may be in financial districts by municipal governments or in poorer regions, and top-level governments must have a coordinated solution. In this regard, legal administrative entities differ from the concept of "limited liability" for legal entities. There is a specific relationship between higher government and higher government governments.

According to the eight regulations, government departments are responsible for the cost of eating and drinking less and less. While controlling the "increase" they have actively resolved to solve the stock problem that they have "left over in history". Indeed, strict discipline and corruption are also very close. .

Ma Diming Source: Chinese Youth Day

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