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The national football gate is open, there is luck and blessing –


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January 08, 2019 10:41 Source: Guangzhou Daily Interact participation

The Chinese team "New Army" wins Kyrgyzstan with a 2-1 delay

National football is open and luck will be blessed.

Guangzhou Daily, Li Bin's entire media

Chinese teams debuted on the first day of the Asian Group C group in the United Arab Emirates. Opposition "Oolong gift" and "Fu will be" Dava's goal, winning the Chinese team's Asian Cup 1 in Kyrgyzstan 2-1. This is China's first round of the four Asian rounds. In the second round of the team against the Philippines, it will take place on Sunday, 11 January. In another match of the same team, the South Korean team defeated the Philippines 1-0.

The first team of the Asian Cup team is like a true hole in a Lippi coach. The formation of the "Silver Fox" team changed throughout the game, and the whole process of the game changed.

The opponent sent a stunning "Oolong gift"

Zheng Zhi was short for the Chinese team midfielder, and in a serious situation Lippi changed early. In 24 minutes, Jin Jingdao was replaced by Dabao and the football team fell 343. In fact, in the weakness of the midfielder, three guards can do enough stacking midfielder to strengthen the crime, with two defense guards on both sides of the defense.

However, against the expectations, the behavior of the three main defenders is more difficult and the players are bigger. Captains Feng Wei and Zhang Lin

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