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The renowned writer Er Yuehe is a self-proclaimed death, a professor who sells literature all his life | Emperors Kangxi | February River | Xiu Cai _ Sina News


Original title: Er Yuehe, a well-known writer, died of a disease because he is a teacher who sells a book

February the river

Ocean News Yesterday, the famous writer Er Yuehe died in Beijing. In February, the name of the river was released. In 1945 Shanxi Province was born in Xiyang County. Nanyang writer, delegate of the School of Literature, Zhengzhou University, outstanding expert in the province of Henan, historian novelist. He is a member of the Chinese writers association. Only in November, our reporter in February, Nanyang, lived in the province of Henan, to interview. February River shared a vivid story with his writing experiences and reports.

Family members: Sudden heart attack is sudden

Yesterday morning, our reporter, Mr. Er Yuehe, was appointed Assistant Niu Wei, and Mr. Er Yuehe informed him about the death of Pekin. "We are very pleased. He has been living in Beijing for a while, and he has died of heart disease." On his phone, unfortunately, he said yesterday morning, the February River, People's Liberation Army General Hospital (at 301 hospitals), heart failure and, ultimately, did not rescue.

On February, the sudden death of the river made his wife Zhao Jurong very sad. On the phone, he was crying and could not speak. Zhao Jurong said in the last two years that the body of the February River was not very good, it is diabetes and heart disease, but it has always been optimism and joy, taking the doctor with the doctor, and doing more than one hour throughout the day. A few months ago, February was taken to Beijing because of abuse. She stopped in the intensive care unit a bit. Later, his situation improved and he generally went to the room. Everyone thought A few days ago, he and the people around him used to speak jokes of the southern river. In February, sudden heart attack was amazed. Additionally, they also want to thank readers and journalists on February to the river. Ling Xiao, the daughter of Er Yuehe, said the journalist is also preparing herself after her father. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Erhehe's body arrived at the funeral home of Nanyang, and hundreds of people came suddenly.

Low key: they still live in a small farm after becoming famous

In November 2017, our reporter went in February. At that time, the 72-year-old Otsa River lived in a small red brick in the Wolong District government in Nanyang City. "Do you think you live where you live?" February River laughed. In February, more than once, the river appeared on the list of "Writer's Rich List", but the money was very weak.

Er Yuehe said when he arrived at Nanyang at age 13. He lived here. There are small, comfortable and pleasant cities, but those that do not live in large cities. His life is not the life of ordinary local people.

February, the river does not cut its life margins, and nothing is put on clothes. Although participating in formal periods, it is unusual to wear a suit. In his own words, he often wears a "comfortable or comfortable sweater", sometimes in a floating stitch. Together with his friends, the Harmony River is "a person that can see everything that he feels in his stomach." In February, one of the maidens went to the conference, and the clothing stains on the clothes kept on. He did not care She put on her clothes and put them on the platform.

Red heads and big ears, full faces, laughter, tall, flat head and Nanyang are strong dialects. At first glance, the person seems rough. But with her in the conversation, you feel a thick book, a book that will infiltrate the seas. His words are full of local flavors, but they always laugh.

Self-evaluation: success depends on luck and talent

Er Yuehe has said that he has written rarely because of the "Luoxia trilogy", especially since the body is not so good, diabetes has caused eye diseases and things are less clear. Especially a novel is written, a part of more than 1 million words is very hard. "Writing is better than writing it badly." Now he is Deputy of the National Deputy or Dean of Literature of the School of Zhengzhou University. Apart from giving classes to students, they also have dozens of physicians, even though they are more than ten years old. It is not written, but it is very busy, full of lectures, research and life.

February River said he eventually came out luck and talent confidence. "If Mr. Feng Qiyong is not encouraged, the spirit of my past will be slippery, and the probability of crash will be 80%. Nobody is encouraged, if the article is not known, it's written." At the same time, their efforts are also linked. "I always feel that I am a material for writing things, I think it's reliable for selling literature on life." February River laughed, if you only read "Qing dynasty history", Kangxi was able to write. In bicycles, he goes to the moon. "The history of the Qing dynasty is such a burning, it should look carefully, for example, in what circumstances it is written and in what language it is used, what hell and rice price at that time."

Feeling: The happiest thing in life is to find a woman.

More than once, rivers warned the councilor that the happiest thing in his life was not how many books he wrote, but how many awards he got, but he found a good wife. During the four hours of the reporter and February in the river, February the river praised his wife more than once, "Xian Neizhu", "shining and crazy wife."

"At that time, the income of the entire family was only seventy or eighty yuan. Old people were required to raise a small family, it was a close life. Zhao Jurong carefully calculated that early morning he bought groceries or took the afternoon market and closed the door "Forward, because the prices of these two times are the cheapest, our family has thanked them," he said.

Er Yuehe was not a good student. He graduated from high school, high school and high school. After graduating, at the age of 23, he went to Taiyuan and went to Datong to drill coal.

Since 1971, parents are looking for objects. Less than a month ago, they included dozens of them. Parents should reduce their expectations, expecting "to have a job, having an object and being a family". In 1973, when he visited the relatives that were born in February, the troops worked. After the presentation, he joined the bridge and was born in Zhao Jurong. Both parents are very happy. That same year, February River was 28 years old and Zhao Jurong was 25 years old. "At the age of 28, I was a young man at the time and he was playing a bachelor's degree." February River said with a smile. Later, the February River returned to Nanyanga. Since then, both have been contacted for more than 40 years.

He received an exclusive interview with the February River newspaper.

Report: Why is your writing "February River"?

February River: When I was melted with ice and snow, Yellow River was terribly surprised. When the first part of the Kangxi Emperor was over, I knew the name "February River". In the North, on the second day of the month, Yellow River started, and Yellow River suddenly slipped into a large part of the ice, covered over the rivers, joining together. When I was a child, I liked to see this scene. Later, I wrote the "Second River".

Reporter: what are you doing after retirement?

February River: I am not as energetic as it is to write a long story. I am a writer, a teacher who sells for a living literature, who knows history, but I want to write something I want. I have written in the last decades. I want to write short stories about the dynasty, Chu Great Wall, mythology, ancient paintings and religions, or essay on life.

Reporter: You've heard it heard before it became a celebrity.

February the river: this is natural. In the first book of the Emperor Kangxi, I took the manuscript fee, not royalties. The first volume of three million words is 7 yuan, the volume of a thousand words is 14 yuan, the third one is 20 yuan and 20 yuan, the third volume is 30 yuan, the emperor "Yongzheng" and the "emperor Qianlong", a thousand words, 35 yuan. The publisher gave her the greatest moment. This situation is done throughout my writing. In the last two years, kings' revenues are a bit more. Excluding the value of my books, it has multiplied from 10% to 15% and then, depending on the amount of printing. In this case, of course, my income is high. I acknowledge that my Chinese writers' writers have not found that my income is too low, we should say it is best to make it even better. But I do not have the power at this time, I have to prepare a project to set up a group or set up a fund to help write writers. If this condition is in the future condition.

Notifier: Do your children encourage you to continue writing?

February River: Children have children, we do not impose their hobbies. They do their stuff well and they are safe and secure. This is blessing and blessing. I do not have to force my daughter to eat this rice dish.

Entrance to the River February River

February River, the reality called Ling Liberation, was born in the province of Xiyang Shanxi in 1945. Nanyang lived in the province of Henan for a long time. He is a member of the Presidium of the Chinese Writers Association, Honorary President of the Henan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Honorary Chair of the Association of Writers of the Province of Henan, Dean of Literature of Zhengzhou University and President of Nanyang City. President of Nanyang Writers' Association and Honorary President of the Nanyang Writers' Group, Nanyang's writers' team chairman, with special bonuses from the State Board, in the XV Communist Party of China National Congress was selected, the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, 17th. National Congress, XVIII. National Congress, XIX. National Congress and 10th and 11th. XII of people Representative of the National Congress. When Er Yuehe was 40 years old, he started writing literary works. "Emperor series": "Emperor Kangxi", "Emperor Yongzheng" and "Emperor Qianlong" are well known at home and abroad.

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