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The second redone deposit revelation of the tiny car yellow: "surprise" in English complaints in China – BBC News


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"Little Yellow Car" was in China, the "new four new inventions", but the small yellow car that accumulates a mountain also caused the difficulties and mixtures of management.

Chinese people are accused of foreign trade by some Chinese market and consumer policy, but this time a Chinese company is "alive."

A Chinese Netizen, after sharing a bicycle platform "Little Yellow Car", demanded a long-term payment, allegedly that a complaint letter should be written in English. Unexpectedly, he quickly picked up money for a day, many Chinese netizens were angry.

According to Chinese media reports, Weibo's international name, @ zjt93, was published by Weibo, who had to pay a refund of $ 199 a penny in the platform, but I've heard that the request process was too long. In California he writes a complaint: "In China, living in China, two or three years, and the foreigner who works online".

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Letter of complaint published by Netizens.

In this published screen, Netizen wrote in English: "199 yuan is not a large amount, but this is my money, I got the right".

Netizen said "The accommodation (December 13th) was written in the customer mailbox" Please return immediately ". The strategy is not useful "means, I did not think I got a refund from the company after a day, and the apology letter.

In the following letter of apology, Betty Zhao wrote a "support group", said "we helped them to return the money, check it out."

There was no incident from the OFO, but it was still rapidly redirecting to social networks. Some female scientists say "money and laugh" about this method of requesting money. Some netizens allegedly treated the client differently and suspected a "super nationwide treatment" for aliens.

"I have retired for more than a month and I have not yet arrived. As I said, within 15 working days, I call the system to be busy," said Netizen.

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Shared bicycles like "Little Yellow Car" must be a commonplace in China.

"It's amazing, it's a joke in front of your compatriots, and the stranger as a slave," wrote another writer.

Some netizens joked, "To return to the deposit of a small yellow car, I have returned to high school English textbooks."

Chinese media reported that "Pear Video" on Sunday (December 16) said two people in public relations said it was "unknown," one of them said "it would not be possible," but they could not contact him. .

The BBC Chinese petition was called on behalf of the Xiaohuang car, but it did not get any response.

Crisis "Little Yellow Car"

"Little Yellow Car" was one of China's largest bicycle operators. In the streets with large and medium cities in China, iconic yellow bicycles are everywhere. The only average person is to be registered on the mobile phone and payable at a cost of 199 $ to be used freely. The cost is 1 yuan per hour.

"Four main inventions selected by the official media in China", in March 2017, Xiaohuangqi CEO Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the Beijing office.

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Users must sign up for a mobile phone and save it for 199 yuan, you can use the "small yellow car" on the street.

However, time has passed. Since the beginning of this year, however, it has frequently reported management and refunds. Many users have said they have requested a return on the application, but they have not been accepted for several months.

China's business information consultant at the BBC has found that Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the entity of Xiaohuangqi, has taken part in the courts this year, including thousands of yuan's accused.

The "Beijing Youth Daily" Sunday (December 16) reported that the difficulty surrounding reimbursements resulted in a large number of "groups" arrived at the headquarters of Xiaohuang in Beijing.

Foreigners have "super national treatment" in China?

In China, rumors of foreigners are better treated than rumors, and there are also "primary foreigners" in social networks.

Guo Yuhua, professor of sociology at Tsinghua University, told BBC Chinese companies, among other things, more enthusiastic about foreigners, due to business needs. "Many companies want to give a good impression on foreigners, and there is no doubt that the domestic and foreign business process is separate."

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Car Mountain Sea: Chinese dilemma for dealing with shared bicycles

In 2012, a Japanese guy named Heyuan Kaiyilang traveled around the world. But the bicycle was stolen in Wuhan, Hubei. Heyuan Kaiyi immediately reported the case, and three days later, the local police regained the bicycle.

This event has become a close-down event on Chinese Internet. Many rewarders have said that in China, a bicycle will be lost to at least retrieve the police. The police are very important for aliens.

"China has always spoken about" face "and" lizi ", showing its" people at the service ", showing that it is in the world, and many things are important," said Guo Yuhua.

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