Monday , June 21 2021

The Shanghai stock index fell four quarters in succession and was low in the last month. A shares | G20 peak


Nowadays, the Shanghai Composite Index is somewhat higher and then oscillated and decreased by 257.68, down 1.13 points or by 0.04%, the Shenzhen component index closed at 7635.16 points, rising by 0.25% Growth index 0.83%.

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange turnover amounted to 250,900 billion yuan (RMB, below), a small pre-contract. Among these, Shanghai's turnover was 102.2 million yuan and the deep market was 148.7 million yuan.

As regards sectors, many sectors, such as civil aviation airports, banks, insurance, international commerce, utilities and ports have dropped slightly in the market.

According to Wall Street reports, the current stock market, in general, remains the first downturn. After two larger cities, the index fluctuated in a tight space. Venture capital and other sectors were active and active and the market's feelings slightly improved. However, the index has gradually weakened in the afternoon and in the market funds fund game. The amount has been significantly reduced, and the market has gradually decreased.

Some organizations said that the three major stock indices today have shown a large number of fluctuations; Technical indicators have shown that the Shanghai stock index has been abolished, but the volume of trade has fallen again, intraday stock has been declining and strong demand is not strong, the current three major stock indices are below the average K Line, what stands out The important underlying support of Shanghai is still 2520 points.

According to the "Daily Economy" of Hong Kong, market turnover has been around 250 million yuan for two consecutive days, which reflects the expectation and hope of China and the US summit. The G20 summit and Sino-US trade issues are not yet questioned. The short-term market will continue to repeat itself repeatedly.

New Age Securities analysts have said market restriction on the market shows that the market is showing a high level of expectation and the uncertainty of the market can be summarized over the weekend by the G20. #

Managing Director: Lin Yiwen

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