Wednesday , January 27 2021

The TCL Group announces the Xiaomi Shareholder announcement on the eve of the resolution of the reorganization plan – Online economic point of view – The website of the Professional Treasury News

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Online economic reporter Shen Yiran

On January 6, the TCL Group released a notice Xiaomi Group bought 0.48% of shares of second-hand companies, January 4, and the announcement was made on the last day of the group of active restructuring proposals.

One month ago, TCL Group had nine companies TCL Industrial Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. They proposed a proposal for the sale of the company, and they were able to sell businesses engaged in the home appliance business, and the parties related to the buyer. This program was consulted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 21st December and will be voted on by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting in 2019.

According to the announcement, this redesign will center the TCL Group on the semiconductor screen business. Since 2016, the company continues to optimize its industrial structure through business restructuring and business diversion, and it distributes its business to business groups: semiconductor screen, intelligent terminal and strategic business.

At that time, Xiaomi Group had its largest structural adjustment of its establishment. On 13th September 2013, Lei Jun organized the first major change important, establishing Xiaomi through an internal letter. The television series was prepared for television, part of the television departments in the television section and at the same time hatching. New companies, such as air conditioning.

According to the third quarter earnings of the Xiaomi Group, according to the 2018 report, the world of sales of intelligent TVs has grown by 198.5% year-to-year, and said that business had made significant revenues. IoT with cold TV and consumer business Xiaomi Group considers Internet users to be important. at the entrance

In addition to acquiring the shares of the TCL Group by Xiaomi Group, the two parties signed a strategic partnership agreement on 29 December 2018 and intend to combine research and development of hardware and electronic information and high-level infrastructure.

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