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The technology industry has been the biggest headwind for 10 years. Apple stock prices could fall 25% next year – Apple Apple

Pelham, CEO of Pelham Smithers Associates, London Research Company (Pelham)
Smithers said today that Apple's ("Apple") remains a disappointment for 2019, as the technology industry expects "a decade's biggest headache".

This year is a tough year for big technology companies. In March 2018, technology companies found data and privacy debate, chip prices fell and sales of the phone stopped.


Apple Online Store (China)

This year, the share price of Appler fell 7%. In fact, the performance of the technology sector is slow, and Nasdaq was expected to have the lowest decline in 2008.

In this regard, the CEO of Pelham Smithers Associates, Smithers, said the CNBC: "Apple's ratings have declined, we have seen that with the patent dispute in Qualcomm, sales of the phone have stopped, and others are inadequate, Apple's price price It's easy to get to the top of the story, which means Apple's price will reach 25%. "

That's why Smithers also stated that stocks of robot research, Apple's downturn in stock, offers buyers a good chance. Additionally, this purchase option will last until 2019 or until 2020, until Apple launches 5G iPhone. At that time, Apple will have a rather clear verdict on the matter.

Some observers, including Smithers, think that 5G Apple is "a great test" and definitely an option. 5G is expected to revolutionize the Internet, enable fast connections and slow down the delay between devices.

Smith says: "At the end of the day, Apple is a consumer solution for consumers, the first step towards achieving this goal is hardware, which is why software is the effect of hardware. So, as we entered 5G, this is a business perspective, mobile phones and tablets are even more important in this environment ".

Despite the fact that Smithers had a bad weight on Apple's performance over the coming year, most analysts still say Apple. Reuters' data show that 13 analysts nowadays provide Apple with a "powerful purchase", 10 rated a "buy" rating, a rating of 20, a "sell" or a "sell" rating.

These analysts provide Apple with a mean price of $ 215, and the current Apple fee is about $ 157. Smithers finds Apple's price drops to 117.75 dollars, the lowest record since 2017. Yesterday, Apple stock closed at 7:17 p.m., down 7.04. In the market pre-market, it was reported at 155.13 dollars, 1.30%.

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