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The Text of the Foreign Investment Law will be sent to the National People's Congress for discussion Daily Economy news

8th Permanent Commission of the Third National Party The meeting ended with a meeting of the People's Hall of Beijing, on January 30. At the meeting, the Sustainable Committee Permanent Commission proposal approved the drafting of a foreign investment bill and the tenth section of the investment bill. Second session of the People's Congress was reviewed.

Prior to presenting a draft law on foreign investment, the thirteenth session of the Standing Committee was held on 13 December 2018. After a month, the Permanent Commission of the National People's Congress added a meeting to revise the legal project and foreign investment legislation pressed the "acceleration key".

Permanent Commission Meeting of the National Assembly Congress Committee … Why is there such a "supernormal" link in the legislation on Foreign Investment Law?

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The foreign investment law is a basic law

The important formulation of foreign investment law is the establishment of a strategic plan of the Central Committee of the Party, the opening of the opening and the creation of a new opening model.

In March of 2019, at the National People's Congress, the meeting was reformed and opened for a period of 40 years, the Foreign Investment Act was revised and approved and the real actions to show a political commitment and historical commitment to our party to showcase the process of reform and openness and to show China's new era. The commitment and the strong commitment to open up to the outside world with a basic national policy of openness to the outside world, and a great deal of strength, are very important and have a great impact.

In addition, Foreign Investment Law is a new funded foreign funded law. Foreign Investment Law will include the regulation, orientation and promotion of foreign investment behavior and activities. The forms, organization, and activity criteria for foreign-invested companies will be uniformly applied. Laws and regulations of various market organizations are regulated.

In the formulation of Foreign Investment Law, it refers to the Foreign Law Law of Business Law, the Foreign Investment Law and the National Law on Foreign-Sino-Commercial Foreign Trade ("Three Foreign Investment Laws"). "Three Foreign Laws" is reviewed and approved by the National People's Congress.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law, the laws approved by the National Congress of Persons must be abolished, and may only be decided by the National People's Congress. For this reason, the formulation of the Foreign Investment Law must be taken and passed by the National People.

It is clearly defined in the "pre-entry national treatment" in the legal language

According to the journal, stated the VII National Foreign Action Committee The Permanent Commission Permanent Committee members of the Permanent Commission on Foreign Investment Law proposed the Foreign Action Law Act for the 2019 International People's Congress. Listen to the opinions and opinions of the deliberations, the deputies and the masses, gather a broader consensus and present a high quality law to open up to a high level of openness.

At the same time, the magazine "Daily Economy News" also learned that a meeting review project presented a draft draft second compared to the previous revision of the previous draft, and a fully implemented pre-entry national treatment plus negative list. Review of management systems and the monopoly against foreign merger and purchasing review and provisions are met.

For example, for the full implementation of the planned national treatment and negative list management system, the second article of the second draft is divided into four paragraphs, and the legal language clearly defines what is "planned national treatment" and "Negative list".

The draft bill reveals that prior national pre-entry treatment is a measure of the special measures for accessing foreign investment in specific areas. The negative list refers to the negative management measures of the state to carry out foreign investment in specific areas. The state grants national treatment to foreign investment outside the negative list.

In addition, the draft also clarifies that if the Board of Directors issued or approved the Board of Directors, and the international agreements or agreements that arose as a result of the People's Republic of China or foreign agreements deal with foreign investment, provisions will prevail.

With regard to the sketch outlined in this content sheet, on the afternoon of January 29, the members of the Standing Committee of the Sustainable Standing Committee made a great deal of appreciation.

Kide Li Weifeng has pointed out that the negative versions of the national foreign investment version have an international openness and have been widely recognized and recognized internationally. The second revision sketched out the sketch: "National Foreign Investment National and National Negotiation Negotiations Management System", which greatly facilitates access to foreign investment, but also highlights foreign investment obligations, such as negative list rules and information reports Filling it and fit it to China. The use of foreign capital, in accordance with the real demand, coincides with the norms and rules of access to high-level international investment investments.

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