Wednesday , September 28 2022

The United Kingdom has banned Huawei: excluding the 5G tender list, excluding 4G equipment – Free Asia Radio


  1. The UK has banned Huawei: excluding the 5G bidding list, 4G equipment has been removed by Free Asia Radio
  2. BT will disinfect the Huawei 4G equipment and prohibit the banning of 5G nuclear equipment – the operator of the communication cnBeta
  3. British MI6: 5G based on Huawei technology, it is difficult to choose not to use British MI6 | Huawei | 5G Sina
  4. British media: BT removes Huawei equipment on 4G network
  5. Europe faces the dilemma of selection of Huawei 5G communication technology. Chinese American Voice (VOA)
  6. See the whole story of Google News
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