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The Work Committee and Management Committee of the Subregion of the Beijing Subdivision is listed, giving the city's administration authority – Wall Street News

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Introduction: Implementation of a flat management and "Subcentral Center under center".

The WeChat Platform of the Beijing Tire Sub-Center of the People's Republic of China has announced that today (January 12), the Municipal Council of Municipal Infrastructures Municipal Council of Beijing and the Beijing Municipal Subcommittee Management Board are in the new address of the Tongzhou District Commission. Officially unveiled

Together with the Tongzhou District Commission and the District Government

According to the news, the Council of the City Council of Beijing and the Territorial Infrastructure Commission of the People's Committees of the Beijing Municipal Council and the Beijing Municipal Subvention Commission, and the City Council and the Municipal Government have also been reinforced by the council's centralized and consolidated management planning and construction management. The office sent is located with the Tongzhou District Committee and the District Government.

According to the leadership of the local council and municipal government, the Beijing Committees Committee of the City Council and the Beijing Municipal Department of Infrastructures Management will determine the Beijing Urban Subcontractor's detailed control plan to promote effective urban planning and construction management of the city's suburbs and develop quality development . Throughout the process of building the sub-center, all parties have become efforts to become a model for the construction and development of new sub-centers of the city and become the new urban boutique.

Give the municipal management authority

According to local media reports, yesterday (January 11), the Beijing Municipal Council Committee and the Municipal Government held a mobility and expansion meeting to conduct a detailed planning control of the Beijing City Sub-center. Read the entire "Development" response from the CPC Central Committee and State Council and the central development of the central city. Regulation setting.

Cai Qi, secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Beijing People's Party, emphasized the need to strengthen the leadership of the city's peace work center and to maintain the serious authority of the plan. The city council's construction leader has been adapted to the council's deliberation and coordination body. To establish the Working Committee Committee and the Subcommittee on Urban Subcommittee, to coordinate and consolidate the work of the city administration, to consolidate the work force, to establish a smooth management and to hire a "center subcontractor center".

Cai Qi has stressed that all levels and sections have to combine the idea of ​​a "chess game", consolidating the city's links, linkage, making good use of resources and making a joint effort. It is necessary to promote the management of the sub-centers of the urban centers and the innovation of the mechanism, consolidation of a smart and efficient urban management system, consolidation of the planning implementation and consolidation and analysis of key areas. Target nodes are required, they continue to carry out various tasks, and after disseminating the urban area, they try to make new changes every year.

Sub-center construction prevents companies and real estate development

As for the latest work, he also asked for a meeting to continue planning and design. We will work on all sorts of planning, take care of the key planning and key planning and implementation plans, and we will prepare 12 specific rules for controlling the group, planning good urban planning and urban planning. Reinforcement of the city's design, the collection of guidelines and the strengthening of the management and control of architectural style, city colors, fifth facade and city skyline. To strengthen the planning and implementation of units management and control, increase the strength of density and intensity control, and the ratio of demolition, demolition and construction to housing ratio. Based on the entire Tongzhou neighborhood, it has designed and planned the planning and construction plan and urban planning of the city's suburbs, focusing on the development of small 9 small towns, Taihu Performing Arts Town and Songzhuang Art Town, and planned to protect Zhangjiawan's Ancient City. Save companies staking and real estate development.

In the city center, "four services" should be better

At the same time, the key projects for the meeting will be used as a starting point for building a skeleton city. Based on a spatial structure based on a "belt, axis and various groups", the design of spatial urban subsystems is optimized, functional projects are organized in a rational manner and compact, large and compact. The administrative office area should do a good job in monitoring construction. The green city of the city must carefully care for the cultivated trees. Cultural facilities, for example, have theaters, libraries and museums as architectural models. Universal theme park must be scheduled. Channel Business District must continue. Integrated transport points to optimize design and start construction. Tongzhou flood detouring system and Sixth Ring Road must be included in historic projects.

He also demanded that the administrative office be used as a driver to promote orderly functions and demographics of the national power station. Following the transfer of the municipal government, the center of the work is the central city and "four services" are better.

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