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Three private car companies do not direct the target sales of the year The price of Geely's shares is plummeted by the Great Wall BY plummeted "emotional stability" – Online Observing Economics – Professional Treasury News Website

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Online Viewer Online Reporter Qian Qunfang The sale of independent major cars in 2018 did not achieve annual sales targets, but the market share of the capital was different. In the last two days, Geely, Great Wall and BYD have sold sales figures for 2018. The sales of three cars continued to be quite stable, but they were not over. Each one has set a target for sale. It is worth noting that, due to the closure of the 8th of January, the stock prices of the automobile companies have been varied and varied, and that the market share of the capital is also different.

Geely Automobile still maintains an inter-annual growth in the winter market for cars. According to data released by Geely Automobile, sales of the company sold 93,333 units in December 2018, which was reduced by 39% year-to-year. The volume of sales volume per year reached 1,500,800 units, up 20.3%. However, it should be taken into account that the annual sales of Geely Automobile in 2017 grew 63% year-on-year, and in 2018 Geely Automobile did not complete an annual sales of 1.58 million annual sales. The high uncertainty of industry, based on 2019, set the targets for the sale of 1.51 million units per year, similar to the same period of the previous year. Geely once said that 2 million years of production and sales will be achieved by 2020.

After sales announcements, Geely Automobile (00175.HK) shares fell 7.6% on the opening day. On January 8, Geely Automobile closed at 10.22 Hong Kong dollars, down 11.28%. It should be noted that from the beginning of 2019 Geely Automobile had fallen 25.94% over the last five trading days, with more than 2,000 Hong Kong stock available. After announcing advance announcements, the major banks and brokering have reduced their target prices and ratings. For example, Moto has cut Geely's target of 29% and 10 yuan and the score is neutral. Geely has reduced the sales of annual sales and has shocked the market. Keeping negative growth.

In addition, Great Wall Motor has sold three million units for three consecutive years, after sales even see a slight decline in prices. According to sales data marketed by Great Wall Motor, the company sold its vehicles sold at 2017 in 2017 year-on-year, with 6.56% year-on-year. In 2018, sales sold 105.3 vehicles in 2016, with an inter-annual fall of 1.6%. According to the global cold market situation, Great Wall Motor's decline is still stable in the market, but Great Wall Motor's 100,000 sales are far from 2018.

According to the Economist Observatory, January 8, the Great Wall Motor (601633.SH) closed 5.68 yuan in the A quota market, with a 1.05% fall and a 1.43% increase over the five trading days. Also, Great Wall Motor (02333.HK) 2.21 closed in Hong Kong on the day of the dollar, fell 2.27% and fell 4.01% in 5 trading days. Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. analyzed the investment risk of Great Wall Motor, including three aspects. First, the passenger market was less than expected. Secondly, the risk of the SUV competition caused by the joint venture brand was ruined. Thirdly, double in the start of the new energy company. No risk is met.

On the other hand, BYD has boosted the development of the new car of the energy sector in the capital market, and BYD is the only car company and three companies have had a price increase on January 8. Dahe Capital reported in December 2018 that BYD sales increased 33% year-to-year, 69,600 units and annual sales increased 23% year-on-year, with 520,700 units, with Bank expectations and "Buying" investments.

While BYD's 520,700 unit sales are far from the sale point of almost 600,000 units, BYD has an important role in new energy vehicles in the beginning of last year. In 2018, the new volume of BYD's electric vehicle sales volume was 247,800 units and sales of 200,000 units were established at the beginning of 2018. The cumulative volume of sales of fuel vehicles came to 227,900 units, although at the beginning of 2018 there are far more than 400,000 sales of units. . BYD's new electric vehicles have increased 30% from 2017 to 50%.

Citigroup's sales growth over December and year-end of December 2018 and the volume of wholesale energy vehicle volumes are better than the expectations of the bank, positively investing in an investment and pointing to smaller cities in the continent. With the decline in demand for car expense, car sharing, and renting, lowering raw material prices or improving long-term profitability.

In the Hong Kong stock exchange, BYD (01211.HK) closed at $ 48.6 HK on January 8, an increase of 3.18% and a drop of 2.7% in five trading days. In the A-share market, BYD (002594.SZ) closed 52.88 yuan, grew 2.9% and increased 3.69% in 5 trading days.

In September 2018 China's overall auto market performance was weak. Chinese markets sold 25.42 million vehicles from January to November between January and November 2018, while the Chinese market sold 25.62 million vehicles, 1.65% less than the whole year. Growth throughout the year is a negative one, and the automobile company has also increased its pressure. The expected performance has damaged the company's stock price.

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