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Original title Hong Kong stock OTA and WeChat, a small, "first stock" program, Tongyi Yilong, wants to use the artificial intelligence transformation

Xu Weiwei Report Report

Guide: The future tourism industry contest will be a competition between the main ecosystems, which can be generated by WeChat,CtripThree United States and United States Groups.

"It lasted less than three hours from Suzhou to Hong Kong. We spent 16 years at Suzhou University from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong students." Wu Zhixiang was the president of Tongyi Yilong and one of the founders of Tongcheng, wrote the Friends' circles.

On November 26, when two OTAs announced a merger of 11 months, Tongcheng Yilong (0780.HK) was officially listed on the official board in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The price per day was 28.50 Hong Kong dollar, 26.53% and the market value reached 25.48 million Hong Kong dollars. .

Although with Ctrip,Way cattleCompared to the speed of OTA companies, the longest-running time is the longest, but the success of Tongyi Yilong has hit the Hong Kong stocks without the OTA company and the small WeChat in September and October. Program authority index platform Aladdin index ranked first, and is called the "small first installment fee."

By the end of 2017, the Tongcheng Network and the Tongcheng Tourism Group's Travel Network announced that "Tongcheng Yilong" has been introduced. In the last three years, Tongyi Yilong's profits and profits have maintained a marked growth in general. According to the first half of 2018, Tongcheng and Yilong achieved a combined RMB 2.83 billion and a profit of 845 million RMB (non-adjustment) profit, which exceeded the combined profit of last year's total, totaling 635 million RMB.

Once the listing is financed, Tongcheng Yilong will be one of the most important strategies of the future and will focus on research and development activities to optimize artificial intelligence technologies. Using artificial intelligence technology, users will offer personalized travel solutions. Virtual personal trips to make the trip a journey easier and more pleasant. Based on the deep approaches to the WeChat ecosystem platform and the future AI investment, Tongyi Yilong will gradually phase out the OTA's development phase, from OTA to ITA (Intelligent Travel Assistant).

IPO road in Hong Kong

Li Yang, a senior airline analyst at China Airlines and a general traveler, described the road "Tongcheng Yilong" from the beginning of the morning to the end of an episode. This is considered to be "multiple factors". Result

The latest prospectus on November 8 shows that the Ctrip equity ratio increased by 24.31%.TencentIt has almost the same part of Ctripen. In addition, shareholder shareholder Tongcheng has been removed. At the beginning of June, the OCT Group invested 2 million yuan in the strategic investment of the Tongcheng Tourism Group, and Tongda's shares were taken over by Wanda.

Li Yang believes that Tongcheng Yilong's capital is the final approval of the market for the position of WeChat's portfolio. Railway tickets and ticket tickets are provided for the same trip. The hotel's entrance goes to Yilong, sharing the mobile Internet. Bonus party According to the package, the transport business accounted for 91.2% of Tongcheng's revenue, and business businesses made 93.8% in eLong, and the business had a good business complement.

According to the data, in the third quarter of 2018, the average monthly user assets of Tongcheng Yilong amounted to 206 million euros and the average monthly average was 22.6 million euros. The proportion of the transaction orders from the total combination of the total combination was 39.1% in 2015 and 2018. 75.3% in the first half of the year – "a low repetition rate" is a common difficulty in OTA in the past, and it is easy to overcome the WeChat blessing.

Yang Yanfeng, director of the Beijing Union University Online Tourism Research Center, told a conversation with 21st Century Business Herald, Tongyi Yilong chose Hong Kong Stock IPO for Chinese technology Tencent stock stocks in Hong Kong, and Tencent concept stock ratings they can get it.

Tongyi Yilong IPO sold 1,438,393 million shares totaling $ 1,251 million, with net financing of $ 1,251 million. The total capitalization of the global end-of-market offer was HK $ 20.1 million (approximately 17.8 million RMB).

According to the prospection, the main uses of the following funds are: about 30% about the company's product and service provision and company base travel providers and users, about 30% over the next two or three years; 30% in the next two or three years to think about the business with the Company's overall business strategy Upcoming potential purchases, investments, joint ventures and partnerships will be used around 30%, which will strengthen the company's technical strength over the next two to three years, and will be used for a small portion of capital and general purpose purposes.

Yang Yanfeng believes that the likely investment of Tongcheng Yilong's M & A is linked to upstream and downstream online revenue, hotel managers, and regional planning operations. He said, although the current OTA channel has been centralized, there is still a change. "The strong increase in American teams, piglet flying is also a very competitive quantity, Ctrip, Tongcheng Yilong and Tuniu are still collaborating on competitive cooperation." Afterwards, after developing a comment from the U.S. group, they saw a high-frequency synthesis of the possibility of successive vertical platforms in the outer field, including future onesJingdongThe high-frequency platform will be able to access the vertical sector of the tourism sector, and the OTA market will put more competition levels in the OTA for foreigners such as the Reserve. The competitive market in the foreign market is quite important.

"In general, OTA can be accessed downstream, travel agency can do things, go upstream, make resources from the local area, enter the hotel or the foreign market, and the OTA giants will compete abroad, such as the Reserve, in the current competitiveness landscape, You can, "said Yang Yanfeng.

OTA rivers and lakes are still in play

In fact, the trip itself is geared towards resources. In December 2017, Tongcheng Tourism presented the official presentation of its new travel strategy, which is aimed at the large-scale consumption destination, such as the general destination of consumption with intake, the complete destination selection package, wine entertainment entertainment products; Sustainability destinations, trips + technical entertainment, global travel advice, integrated planning and marketing.

Wang Kai, Tongcheng Tourism President and Chief Executive Officer of Tongcheng Wenluko, will incorporate the future Tongcheng Group into the industrial chain, will increase the investment in the destination and will give more space to local players to participate in some industrial projects.

"Internet trips have evolved from integrations beyond previous internal integration. Online travel will be at the business level of the Internet rather than the competition between online travel agencies." Zhao Huanqi, chief of knowledge of Huamei Consulting Group leaders, told about 21st Century Business Herald.

This view was introduced in the Wu Zhixiang verdict. When it was interviewed by the media and mentioned the new tourism trend, competition in the tourism sector in the future will be the main competition for ecosystems, that is, the emergence of the WeChat, Ctrip and US mission models.

"After the official call for the Traffic Competition, high-quality content resources become the focus of competitiveness, whether tourism development, tourist attraction transformation and upgrading, and the development of OTA design will be a quality content." Wu Zhixiang said.

However, there are opinions Tongcheng Yilong will rely too much on Tencent's traffic. In this sense, Yang Yanfeng believes that Tongcheng Yilong can use high-speed growth during these years and use ten-percent strategy and resources, such as Tencent, Ctrip and OCT to establish a solid foundation for development, Tencent's dependence it can be too much to avoid. Traffic View

Zhao Xiaoma, Executive Director of Cao Consulting, believes that the risks arising from the relationship between Tongyi Yilong and Tencent are the risk and risk of small dividends of program flow. He said: "We believe that the core of Tongyi Yilong's business is to find new business growth points and build their first products."

Li Yang said that the entry of the WeChat portfolio is hidden and the value it can generate at the beginning. We do not know that WeChat should also avoid the excessive commercialization of the user as a social tool, so access to Tencent companies will attempt. But the flow value must be fair value in the long term. Additionally, Tencent's entry traffic will be continuous development and cooperation with Tongcheng Yilong and the current industry leader and Ctrip.

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