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In the foreign market, inside the DC heroine "Man Water", Malaysian was released for the first time, the biggest box office in Malaysia during the weekend. The independent "Hornet" independent film "Bumblebee" was also "Transformers". At that time, only a single priority area was released last week and then entered into the ground. This week, he became an enemy of "Water Man".

(Kuala Lumpur, 18th). In the foreign market, among other things, the DC heroine called "Waterman", released for the first time in Malaysia, was the biggest box office in Malaysia this weekend. The most popular "Bumblebee" of transformers was independent. The movie "Bumblebee" will also be at the forefront. Last week, only the priority area was released and it was the second place. This week, he became an enemy of "Water Man".

Last weekend, "Water Man" opened $ 126.4 million in box office in 43 countries. If it was added to the China box office last week, the number of "Waterman" bills was $ 261.3 million.

From the box office, you can see the superhero DC movie director Wen Z. The word's weaknesses and achievements completely conquer the taste of fans.

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