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US "Insight" performs the eighth mission in human history. Return to the first photo taken after the race – China Daily


In the US

US eighth missionary "Insight" carries out the humanity's history. After retiring, he takes the first picture (Source: US media)

China Daily Online, November 27, according to CNN, after a seven-month flight, NASA's Insight Mars probe 11 successfully landed on March 26. After a few landings, "Insight" sent a "beep" to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, to report peace, and even to the surface of the landed Mars.

After successfully confirming "Insight", Thunderous Applause sparked on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the Space Ground Command Center. It was a great time to share people around the world with live broadcasting, even when introduced into the New York Times Square Nasdaq Stock Exchange display.

At the NASA press conference, the Space Station astronauts congratulated him. When they said they were "excited", when they saw "Insight", Marsen successfully landed. .

"Today we have completed the eighth mission of human history," said Jim Bridenstin, NASA Director. "The Insight" will be under investigation in Marte and we are ready to fly. In the event of Moon and March, it will provide us with valuable scientific knowledge. In addition to the success of United States and our international partners and the success of our team's solidity and sustainability, NASA will also be better. "

Bridenstin has stated that Mike Burns, vice president of the United States, has also congratulated the team that made the Mars mission.

The "Insight" Mars Rover is an important NASA project that uses seismic exploration, geological surveys and heat transfer techniques to study deep Mars, in order to better understand the formation of Martian rock surface. It was released on May 5, this year at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

"Insight" will use three devices to complete the "physical examination" of Marsen. The Internal Seismic Experimenter (SEIS) is in charge of measuring the "pulse" of earthquakes and geological activities, and "Heat Flow and Physical Properties" (HP3) "body temperature" is in charge and will be 5 meters deep. Internal heat is deeply studied in the soil: "Rising and Internal Structuring Tester" (RISE) is responsible for measuring Mars's movement using Mars-Earth radio transmission to detect Mars's rotation detection and, thus, analyze the size of the Martian kernel.

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