Monday , May 10 2021

Video: Four Emmy Awards to follow the charm of three winners four times | Spiritual Enlightenment | Growth | New York Lincoln Center

Rita Cosby said: "Tonight's performance is wonderful, it's very moving, and the story is moving. Charms show courage, Chinese history and great love, I hope everyone sees everything in the world. I am deeply illustrated, I was deeply moved and with amazing performance. was ".

Rita Cosby is an American amateur and radio host and is awarded the Emmy Prize three times. Fox and MSNBC were former television anchor and reporter. Currently, CBS TV is a special "Inside Edition" correspondent. He has won, among others, the Jack Anderson Prize, the Excellence in Research and the Matrix Award.

The content of persecuting Cosby Falun Gongo practiced deeply in the Shen Yun program. He said: "I saw that the woman was imprisoned for her faith, but then she continued to ascend to the heavens. While this program speaks of persecution, people see hope and an incredible spiritual spirit. It is a profound enlightenment that people fly to heaven and to upgrade to the higher level. "

He also said that the Shen Yun actors feel the goodness and peace that the peasants show.

"100% can feel compassionate, Shen Yun actress shows peacefully through meditation and cultivation. Power is very powerful and surpasses national limits." He said: "Each Shen Yun actor can show spiritual power to overcome evil. The charm of the show and the spiritual strength of the show provide a deep spiritual illusion."

Shen Yun warns China to take responsibility, so that all Chinese can see: "It is very difficult for people to not see charm in China, people in the world think of it as a charm. Power, the heroic performance of the Shen Yun actor is admirable. I respect it, I will pray, to pray that the Chinese people will see one day charm, because they have the right to see it, that people from all over the world should be seen Charming. "

Director: Li Wen

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