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Villagers have changed their stocks, funds have become shares – Shanxi Pixian explores a new collective collective collective development – Xinhua Net


Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, November 24 Title: Villagers Become Stockholders, Capital Change, and Gold – A New Model for Exploiting Economic Development Collective in Pixian County, Shanxi Province

Xinhua News Agency Reporter, Yang Chenguang

When Yang Renzhu's 74-year-old 1,800 Yuan dividend took town cadres, he opened his mouth with pleasure "It's really good enough to eat a year!"

Yang is the village of Renzhu Junzhuang, Xia Li Township, Jixian County, Shanxi Province. A few years ago, the 120-year-old households in the Yang Renzhu family did not pay for 1,800 yuan dividends per family in the Junghu village cattle breeding project.

The County of Jixian is on the outskirts of Lianliangshan, which is the key to regional alleviation and development of national poverty. In recent years, Pixian County has analyzed a new model of collective economic development in the country, which "unites and unites people and society," so that poverty reduction funds have become the backbone of popular collective shareholders, making them a shareholder and increasing collective income and those that encourage massive wealth. Road.

In 2017, 600,000 poverty reduction funds were transferred to the village of Junzhuang. "Located in a remote mountain of Ji County, limited by geographic location and traffic conditions, it is difficult to develop a collective economy in many places," said Yang Jinwei, Deputy Secretary of the Li Township Party Committee.

In the end, Junzhuang Village used limited funds to develop a collective economy. However, at the time of development and development, a cow's breeding cooperative entered into the view of popular cadres. Created in 2012, Jixian Nongfule Breeding Cooperative Professional has developed a breed of breeders since 2015. There are currently 250 beef livestock stocks.

Can we not guarantee the constant increase in income from local groups and the poor of families through the growth of beef cattle?

"This eliminates the need to build new premises, highlights the initial investment costs and highlights the ability to borrow chickens, which is a powerful business link to link the public business." Xiao Weilong, from the Baozhuang Village, said that "industrial development funds have also become collective growth funds. Continuous traffic".

Yang Renzhu also feels good. "Make a person of 3,500 yuan, you do not have to worry about it. They will be divi fi cations at the end of the year. When the cattle is sold, the owner may return." After consulting with his wife, the citizens were asked to borrow money.

In May, Junzhuang village housing poverty tribunal, the Junzhuang town council and regional agricultural and forestry cooperative professional signed a triple contract, and the beef breeding project was officially launched.

Six months later, 120 "poor poor cows" were pleasing. Given the better prices of market livestock, co-operatives and village committees discussed the situation and had to deal with unprecedented housing. When they sold livestock in January, the 600,000 poverty reduction group of the local community and 420,000 self-conceptual inhabitants returned the original path.

The town of Junzhuang has tasted sweetness, thinking about improving poverty alleviation for improving poverty. "It's a good project, I have to distribute 5,000 yuan in next year! I have to take part!" Yang Renzhu tone firmly.

At the end of the year, the Junzhuang Village, a poor population of the population, wants to raise a village with a small mountain village with one third of its population.

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