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Wanda's film performance commitment has been extended for 4 years, with a total commitment of about 4 million | Wanda Movie | Wanda Film | Total_Sina News


Original title: Wanda's film performance commitment was extended for 4 years, totaling a profit of 4 million euros

Beijing News (Zhang Xiaolan Reporter) On the evening of November 26, Wanda Films announced the "Share Shares Balance and related Transactions Report" ("Draft New") and the updated version of the response letter was published together with the new draft.

According to the industry, according to the details of this announcement, in addition to the reduction in the price of the anticipated target asset, the Wanda Investment Control Program changed the cost of the budget price, the game was extended for a period of 4 years, the accumulated commitment The net cost of Time Limit was 3,994 million yuan from the previous transaction 766 million more than the plan's profit commitment, on the company's long-term development and company optimism regarding the optimism of its shareholders.

The price of the transaction dropped almost 8.33%

From November 5th, Wanda Movies showed some adjustments to the restructuring plan, and today the company has announced more details.

Again, according to the draft drafts of the project, on July 31, 2018, the book value of the owner of the heritage of 100% ownership of Wanda Films stood at 5.61 billion yuan, 11.003 billion yuan. The price of the transaction was 10,651 million yuan, which was determined through a negotiated negotiation between the parties, which reduced the 8.33% of the prices to 11.619 billion yuan for a pre-transaction transaction.

At the same time, according to Wanda Films and TV 2019 forecasts, net profit stands at 888 million yuan and the forecast for 2019 price gains in Wanda Films, 100% share price, is 12.39 times higher, which is much lower than the ratio of earnings in the listed company. A person from Wanda Cinema said that purchasing low-quality assets at low prices is to fully protect the interests of small and medium-sized shareholders and profitability for the company.

Nowadays, the company of the film Wanda covers movies and television drama, investment, production and distribution, as well as online operations and distribution of games. Through this transaction, in addition to revenue receipts, advertising revenue, merchandise and hospitality sales, Wanda Movies will increase revenue on cinema investment, television investment, game distribution and other aspects.

The efficiency commitment has been around 4 million

It should be mentioned that the restructuring program's commitment has been extended for 4 years. Wanda Investments 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Net profit of Wanda Films accounted for 763 million yuan and 888 million yuan. At 10.69 billion yuan, 1,274 million yuan, a high-yielding commitment with greater yield has led to greater investor protection.

In addition, the four-year commitment earned a profit total of 3,994 million yuan, profit of 766 million yuan in June, based on the total profits, with more than 37% of the operation's valuation objectives. In the industrial view, it clearly shows that shareholders are optimistic about Wanda Films's future development. Television drama and game asset injections may also have performance repercussions depending on the model to improve the company's profitability and sustainable development.

It is also noteworthy that this transaction plan has been an increase in the stock market and the stock market of the secondary market and the company platform of the Wanda Group's film and television staff, the commitment to comply with the commitment and the three-year rule. Wanda to increase the stability of the film and television management staff.

Wanda Films earned 10.905 billion yuan from January to September 2018, achieving an inter-annual growth of 7.06%. In the first three quarters, at a box office that has collected 7.54 million yuan, it has been an inter-annual increase of 15.6%. The number of visitors to the film was 182 million euros, 17.2% year-to-year.

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